& Fun

helps you
see challenges
from a new
so you can
grow where
you are and
teach others.

 With challenges come CONVERSATIONS and GROWTH.

Rather than waiting to be ill or have pain and then reacting to address the problem, Healthy & Fun Choices® is a program about how we can be proactive in making choices that help us enjoy every day even more. 

With the COVID-19 pandemic here in 2020/2021 and health concerns, it is even more important to focus on these three areas:
• Mental Health: mindset, awareness, ability to make choices, and spiritual
• Physical Health: fitness, endurance, agility, and balance
• Social/emotional Health: feelings, attitude, learning, empathy, friendships, and family 

Together we can make a difference!

Our founder, Kirsten Klug, discovered that “healthy” is not just what we eat or how we exercise, instead health is initialized by our thoughts and words that get us to our actions. Since 1994, Kirsten has designed campaigns, written initiatives, lead workshops, wrote books, and now a magazine to help people learn and share these important concepts.

In order to live a long life, we then must see ourselves as unique individuals that can progress through challenges with creativity and fun. Creativity allows us to use a new perspective and fun gives us the ability to get something done or learn with a higher vibrancy.

Through thirty years of research while developing educational campaigns with advanced connections, Kirsten realized people using Healthy & Fun Choices® can:
1. Progress through challenges (mistakes, failures, fears, and pains) with less stress
2. Take action on what supports their mind, body, and spirit, and
3. Enjoy a fun, vibrant, and abundant life!


Kirsten decided to write and design an activity work book. Inside, you can:
• find your way through a maze from getting out of bed in the morning, getting dressed, eating breakfast, and brushing teeth,
• write and color pictures about the importance of eating colorful foods,
• doing a finding hidden pictuers while discussing how to time to walk the dog or get out in nature, 
• drawing silly faces and brainstorming creative ideas about having dance parties in your kitchen for no reason,
• writing down favorite books and coloring an illsutration of people reading out loud with another person or family member,
• and doing a dot-to-dot puzzle about how we are all in this world together.

The activity books were sponsored by dentists, healthcare provider, and fitness  clubs so that Kirsten and her staff could offer hands-on, multi-sensory workshops in organizations and schools. Workshops featured an engaging discussion about the words we use inside our mind and say to others called The Paper People™.

Everyone participated in a relay race called the Banana Race™. The challenge was to carry a banana throughout a series of fun and funny challenges while trying not to squish it. The relay races included bunny hops, crab walk, scooting down and back on rolling scooters while brushing the teeth of a stuffed animal, picking up laundry and putting it into a basket, and doing a team cheer.

In the end, everyone learned that even when we try hard and have fun, life is meant to not be perfect. That in order to be healthy, we need to have a can-do mindset and have fun. And that having a team of supporters can help us get through challenges. As Kirsten opens up one of the bananas and brings the Paper People back into the discussion, the participants discover how they can make proactive healthy and fun choices and experience life even more.

Healthy & Fun Choices® went from being activity workbooks and workshops, into helping teachers, parents, and youth have a better understanding of HOW we can encourage whole health in conversations and actions.

Our work became social media campaigns and even bigger programs as we partnered with healthcare organizations, school districts, and spoke at many conferences. Books for cancer patients, whole health programs, and pioneering in the farming industry all started from this concept.

Now more than ever people are having a better understanding that being healthy is important to our mindset just as much as our fitness and the food we eat.

OUR 2021/2022 VISION: 
1. An educational training CERTIFICATION program online so teachers, teens, and coaches.
2. Begin a Healthy & Fun Choices® permanent PLACE or PLACES featuring hands-on educational classes, workshops, yoga classes, flex office spaces for tutors, and a retail space featuring HFC products, clothing, and athletic seasonal equipment.


From our research in 2012, we found that most health conversations were happening only when we were hungry, in pain, or sick. So we set a mission to help as many teachers, parents, and youth as possible to understand whole health includes mental health and how we communicate. 
Instead of addressing health in a reactive state, we want to encourage people of all ages to be proactive about their whole health.

We found out how we created our program is significant! When we add elements of fun and multi-sensory learning, we enhance memory muscles in the brain to make the healthy ideas stick.

Healthy & Fun Choices® has furthered our awareness that mental health is an integral part of whole health.

Our evidence-based teaching pedagogy introduces trauma-informed care and multi-sensory experiences to help everyone create positive perspective in their uniquenesses. 

Our programs have included fun and educational workshops, family events, summer camps, and teacher training. We also publish books, magazines, and now a Podcast.

In 2019 we offered workshops online and then expanded to teach small business leadership classes.

Our Website will be featuring PODCASTS and DIGITAL MAGAZINES… all linking our community together:
1. Elevating whole health wellness,
2. Decreasing unequalities around reading/learning,
3. Build awareness of suicide/harm, and
4. Provide access to healthcare activities and resources.

Healthy & Fun Choices is led by the creative visionary Kirsten Klug and is made possible by ALL OF YOU. Without YOU there would be no HFC. We work with a team of programmers, designers, writers, and curriculum developers working to bring you a program you will enjoy being part of for years to come!


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