& Fun

helps you
see challenges
from a new
so you can
grow where
you are and
teach others.

Our founder, Kirsten Klug, discovered that “healthy” is not just what we look like or how we feel, it also includes integrating interactive experiences and having fun into our learning and working environments. This way we live and work more engaged and can have interactions that allow us to connect with ourselves and others better, as well as being aware of our words (what we say, think, and share).

Healthy & Fun Choices® bridges the gaps between doctors offices, homes, and schools so all individuals have a broader understanding of intentional living, equity, and living with more confidence for living our best life.

Now that everyone is back to school, going into work, and visiting doctors, we are working on bringing Healthy & Fun Choices Magazine to Clackamas County and getting activity work books into stores like New Seasons and local pet and retail stores.

1. Our goal is to relaunch the Magazine at the end of June with stories about activities happening locally this summer and great ideas to re-energize yourself and your family.

2. The Activity Workbooks are being updated to include some recent research on brain and mindset so that we can continue to inspire healthy and fun choices.

3. Kirsten is looking to start offering Yin Yoga for people with brain or trauma injuries – Kirsten is certified in Love Your Brain Yoga and has been practicing yoga for thirty years.


HFC is an evidence-based program being offered in schools and organizations since 2009. 12 books have been published and distributed to many. We have twelve years of research and findings. 

Healthy & Fun Choices® educational program has been sponsored by Providence Health, Portland Timbers, Moda Health, as well as workshops for students and teachers into multiple school districts including NCSD, PPS, Gladstone SD, and WLSD. In addition, the program was offered to Boys & Girls Club with a generous sponsorship by ID Graphics LLC.

If you would like to help promote or bring HFC into your workplace or school, please contact Kirsten E Klug at Gmail dot com or call 503-314-6701.

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