Yoga Class

Class  9 am

Whole Health Education

Class Timing 11 am

Mindset Class

Class Timing 4:30 pm

Healthy & Fun Choices is a brand of books, magazine, and podcast and a publishing company. We are here to help you understand a broader understanding of whole health and how to integrate it into conversations, activities, and connections. 

Our founder Kirsten Klug brings two decades of design and writing as well as teaching/coaching of the HFC program and working within schools. Kirsten would like to create a community and have you in it so you, too, can get these whole health ideas out.

Kirsten wants to you to share Healthy & Fun Choices into your home, school, organization, and community. 

Even though she has sold/distributed thousands of books, created three family events in the communities, led summer camps and educational programs, she has realized that together we are better!

Healthy & Fun Choices® bridges the gaps between doctors offices, homes, and schools so all individuals have a broader understanding of intentional living, equity, and living with more confidence for living our best life.


HFC is an evidence-based program being offered in schools and organizations since 2009. You can help the conversations to keep going…

If you would like to help promote or bring HFC into your workplace or school, please contact Kirsten E Klug at Gmail dot com or call 503-314-6701.

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