Yoga at Sunnyside Grange

Mon & Wed Nights 7-8pm
Doors open at 6:50pm
Sunnyside Grange – Yellow Bldg
132nd & SE Sunnyside Rd

Come experience how words and actions can help you live a more heart-centered, in-the-present moment life with less stress and more joy!

Hatha style yoga integrating in flows, vinyasa, as well as fun experiential group poses. Our goal is to provide an inspiring, fun, safe and accessible yoga practice. We have chairs and blocks available as option as well.

Meet Your Instructor

When we allow our imperfections and mistakes to hold us back, we take away what we could be doing by just moving through our challenges. I have found giving myself challenges to work through is a really good way to learn to love myself more and trust my ability to manifest change.

Kirsten Klug is a Registered Yoga Teacher with Yoga Alliance and Love Your Brain Yoga. She brings thirty years of practicing yoga and many years as a ski racing and soccer coach. She learned a lot about self-healing from having endometriosis, chronic injuries and most recently bringing herself back from many surgeries and accidents, as well as a traumatic brain injury and Aphasia.

Kirsten teaches Hatha yoga through flows, vinyasas, and balance poses. She places emphasis on leading with our heart and finding resiliency through practice. Whether it is your first time trying yoga or you have been practicing for years, Kirsten looks forward to practicing with you and inspiring your thoughts, mindset and actions.  


It’s true… you can be entertained while doing yoga with five ducks and goose (the black cat) from the comfort of your own home. Enjoy an hour class with your instructor Kirsten and her urban farm animals. Namaste, quack, meow

Are you curious about what a forest bath is? Join us for an immersive multi-sensory experience. During a beautiful hike in and above an ancient forest, we will stop and listen, meditate, and do yoga.

It is amazing what is possible when you put your mind, heart and soul into it. If you have aphasia, are an SLP or caregiver, you are welcome to attend this online class where together we increase our memory and our ability to speak. Some of these classes are live through zoom and some are pre-recorded. When you register you get access to all.

Ready for a fun and playful yoga class that will enlighten your spirits, uplift your mood and inspire your actions? Ducks in a Row Yoga is just that! Kirsten literally is doing yoga with her ducks, dog, and cats. You can enjoy with your pets, too!

Yoga is union of breath and movement. Not only is connecting with our breath good for our bodies, it is also the key to growth for our mindset and ability to go with the flow. Want to ease your growth and change? Enjoy this series of online live classes as well as pre-recorded classes you can do at your own pace.

Come join Kirsten on Mt. Hood for a series of yoga poses, a beautiful gentle hike and chair lift ride. We will choose a date in mid-July with sunny weather. Click above to get on the “I’m interested List Today!”

MEDITATIONS for your listening pleasure

You can meditate anywhere, integrate it into your day or bring a meditation practice into a part of your daily routine. Waiting for your tea or coffee to brew? That’s the perfect time to meditate while you wait. On a walk with your dog? Meditate and bring in the smells, sights, sounds of nature in your experience. Need more ideas? Listen to Kirsten on a video or just enjoy the collection of her meditation tracks. Some are short just 1 minute long and others are longer.

What is Meditation and why is it important?  It is a mental exercise that allows ones mind, thoughts and feelings to find calm, silence and relaxation. The benefits are important to your brain, attention and resiliency. Want to learn more? Immerse yourself in nature or listen to a meditation here, on YouTube or BrainTap.

“Yoga brought me back to life after injuries and health concerns. I was ready to give up on life. Anything is possible when you learn how to trust your words and actions. My hope is that yoga classes and workshops help you thrive, too!” -Kirsten Klug


“Our teachers and staff get to do yoga once a week with Kirsten and it is exactly what we need after our days teaching. She offers ideas to make each pose easier, allowing my body to relax more into the pose and benefit from all yoga offers for my mind, body and spirit!” -Jodi

“That was exactly what I have been looking for.” – Marla, Yoga Student

“It is the peace and power that my body and mind need. I just wish it were every day inspiration not just two days a week!” -Val, Yoga Student


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