Do you find tasks too difficult at first glance? Or chores a bit overwhelming at times? One of the easiest ways to change things and stop procrastinating is to add FUN. 

Here are ideas on how you can add fun to get the job done… add a comment at the bottom to share your creative, fun ideas as well! 

1. Turn up the music and dance as you put the dishes away and clean the kitchen is the exact ingredient you need. 

2. Have a sock organizing contest while you are watching your favorite show.

3. Organize your laundry by colors for a fun way to wash and fold the clothes. You could even put them away by color combos or rainbow!

4. Instead of seeing how clean you can be as you clean showers and tubs; do the opposite and see how wet you can get then when you take a shower afterwards you are already part way wet!

5. Organize your office by moving everything out of your office and then bring items back in by subject or interest area. This is fun because when you take items away from where they have always been you get to look at them in a new perspective. 

6. Bring kids into helping you cook in the kitchen! Use their creative ideas and have fun with what you make and how you eat it! Maybe one dinner you don’t use utensils just clean hands? Maybe you try eating with chopsticks or your opposite hand. 

7. At the grocery store add up you groceries in your head while you shop and see how close you can be to the cost of everything. 

8. Go for a walk the opposite direction you would normally go! 

9. Put on a good funny movie and laugh your way into the evening! 

10. Gather your family around to play a game or do a quick scavenger hunt between their online classes or chores!

11. When you show up to a zoom meeting come wearing a crazy hat or your hair in rollers – you will get some good laughs and be memorable at the same time!

What are some fun ideas you have for adding fun to get the job done? 

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