Why What We Say Matters

What if you could have more time doing the things you love?

As a graphic designer and marketing professional for a wide variety of business owners, I heard a lot of negativity, worries, and stress.  Many would be fearful of their success and all their worry would limit how much time they had with their family. It also caused them to feel rushed at work and have less time doing what they loved.

As I would help them redesign their marketing messages and assure them about what to focus on, I noticed that the successes often changed the way they thought, spoke, and gave them more time to do what they loved.

What if you were able to reduce your stress?

Your words can create positive change.

Realizing the power of positive change my clients experienced, I begain noticing the words I was saying to myself and the stories I was sharing with others.

And, as a business owner and parent, my time was getting more and more limited.

As I listened, I began noticing situations come up like this…

After riding our bikes to the park and taking our helmets off to play, we couldn’t find my sons’ bike helmet. At first I thought maybe he just left it on his bike. Once we didn’t find it there, we started questioning other people and assuming someone took it. As we rode back home, the conversations in my head got worse and worse.  I even shared negative conversations all the way back. When we got back, my son discovered that his helmet was right there on the table where he accidently left it.

That ability to blame someone else and tell stories that might not even be true caused a lot of anger inside. Our words were the culprit that could waste minutes, days or even years to shake off the frustration.

I noticed how hard I was on myself after something happened. And, instead of just saying I didn’t want to do something, I often would tell little white lies. All this built up into a feeling of low self-worth.

I knew something had to change.

While on vacation, I came up with an idea and started focusing on one word that could replace a negative thought or story. As I changed my thought to this new word, I changed my time.

I began sharing my idea with others and their feedback confirmed the power of these simple words.

Just like using marketing to create positive change, I focused on words and communication to create positive change.

I wrote a book about this idea and chose 52 words that can be used to replace your negative thoughts and stories.

The idea sounds so easy, yet it really does take practice. Today’s word for me is “sunshine”.  I can say sunshine over and over again, I can visually picture sunshine on me, or I can day dream of great moments I’ve had in the sunshine.

Our words and ideas in the Healthy & Fun Choices®  magazine and platform are all ways to help you strive for living intentionally so that you can have more time to… do what you love and be who you love!

Next thing I realize is I feel good and confident to move onto what is next. This led to living my life more on purpose. And it has helped others as well.

Would you like to overcome negative self-talk?

Our self-talk is how we analise and make adjustments. Sometimes, though, self-talk can be harmful and cause us to feel insignificant.

By following the prompts in More Time to… you can overcome negative self-talk! This allows you to create and have more time to do what you love!

Within the book you get to practice word choices, while discovering what these words or virtues mean to you.

It’s great for creative people, people with dyslexia or ADHD, athletes, business owners, parents, and individuals that want to live their life on purpose and doing more of the things they enjoy.

“This book has made my life less stressful and more fun!” –Jana

To purchase a hard copy, digital or audio version of More Time go to www.healthyfunchoices.com/shop.

To purchase wholesale or bulk orders, contact kirsten@

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