Did you know adding FUN to the food at your event makes the event more memorable!

Yes, just that one ingredient – fun – is what makes everything more memorable. Luckily we know a great business here in Oregon called Chris Cakes NW! The founder Sheldon Penner makes pancakes and lots of them for all kinds of events, celebrations, gatherings and more! I even invited Sheldon to serve pancakes at my garage sale a couple years ago! And it was a great way to get to know all my new neighbors.

When everyone has fun, conversations increase and laughter fills the room! Fun increases seratonin in our body which has a direct and positive impact in how your body works and communicates.

Here are some easy ways to add fun to an event:
1. Select a fun theme everyone will like – you can select a movie, clothing style, or holiday to build off

2. Choose a location that is open, cheery, and bright

3. Make a memorable entrance so guests know when they arrive and feel welcome from the moment they arrive!

4. Get your guests involved in the theme early on with a survey or have a table with fun glasses or accessories they can have and wear.

5. When planning for the event, share as much details as you can so that those involved can get others excited as well

6. Add a music playlist or videos and music on a wall!

7. Engage as may senses as you can

8. Plan conversation games that get people going beyond the chit chat and really get to know each other – questions up on a board for converesation ideas – Furthest place one has traveled; Most exciting summer event; First, Middle or Youngest Sibling; Favorite parks to take your pet or kids or friend; Best Hiking trail or waterfall to visit; beacj or Mountain and why? See another post for more ideas.

Fun comes in all shapes and colors! Get creative and if you get stuck on figuring out how to add fun – turn your page upside down or go outside and come back in!

Call us to help!

Link to video regarding weird but true facts!

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