Are you a Teacher? Educator? Or do you agree that we are all teachers?

Are you a teacher in a school or a teacher/trainer in a business? Either way you can bring Healthy & Fun Choices into your classroom by planning ahead and listening to what your students need. Here are some ideas and ways that I have brought HFC into my classrooms when I teach and train:

1. Make sure there is water or water bottles available.

2. Offer healthy snacks like fruits, nut mixes if there are not nut allergies, or granola bars.

3. Encourage bio breaks at least once an hour if you do an online training or class.

4. Suggest conversations or break-outs so that people that are less talkative have a chance to be engaged.

5. Play games or integrate in some fun multi-sensory ways to learn lessons that aren’t just on a computer or video.

6. Bring Kirsten Klug in to help train or teach at your event – or ask questions as she may be able to help you with ideas.

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