Next Magazine will be distributed to 10,000 homes in Happy Valley and Clackamas areas to promote the upcoming Live Event at the Sunnyside Grange as well as educate about whole health living. If you would like to be in it, please call Kirsten 503-314-6701 now. Sept. 1st Deadline!


Beautifully-designed magazine to feature Healthy & Fun Choices ideas that will start and further important conversations in our homes, work, and schools.

If you are a teacher or coach, share this magazine with your students or athletes. 

If you are a parent, enjoy it with your family.

If you work in a location that shares magazines with your patients or staff, make sure to get copies!

1. You can partner with an outstanding and trusted brand & magazine!
2. We can help you reach your ideal market and new homes in your area.
3. Let’s partner to share a story or idea…

We bring over fifty years of experience in story telling and education so people remember, connect, and take action on what is important. Call with any questions at 503-314-6701.

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