Current Programs:

1. Healthy & Fun Choices Activity Workbooks and Summer Projects

2. HFC Timers, Transitions, and Online Resources

3. Living and Healing with HFC Book coming out soon!

4. MeetUps and Live Workshops starting in mid-June

5. Experiences – scheduling for this summer! Take your work group out on an experience to boost morale and learn how to bring HFC back into the office, too.


Looking forward to working with you…. call Kirsten 503-314-6701 with any questions.



Healthy & Fun Choices has been developing educational programs since 1994 and specifically offering workshops and workbooks since 2009. We offered a long-standing coordination effort with the Boys & Girls Club in Salem, Oregon for 350 youth and offered follow-up workshops.

We went on to offer hundreds of workshops with thousands of mostly grade school age children over ten years.

We expanded into Family Events, Teacher Training, summer camps, a preschool, 4H programs, and building programs in health organizations and communities. 


In 2009, our first activity workbook called Healthy & Fun Choices. We also published an activity book for the Dental Industry handed out to young children called Healthy Smiles! Many of these books were sponsored by dentists and donated to children. We often got sponsors to then do workshops in schools and distribute the activity workbooks to students. 

In 2010 we did a series of workshops and programs for the Boys & Girls Club in Salem, Oregon for underserved youth. This work was very rewarding because we were able to see how our lessons influeced positive change and growth in children and families. One boy realized he could choose water over soda and went home to ask his parents if they could try drinking water for one month instead of soda. The family saved 1,000 in one month and were able to go to the beach for the first time to celebrate!

Between 2010 and 2015, we formed relationships with Portland Public Schools, North Clackamas School District, Gladstone School District, the City of West Linn, Alpenrose Dairy, the Portland Timbers, Eastside Athletic Clubs, many dentists, 4H Programs, Premier Soccer, Portland Futsal, IQPreschool, and Cysco Foods to bring programs throughout Portland Metro. 

A partnership with the Portland Timbers to help schools provide whole health education in addition to fun activities on Field Days at the end of the school year. Healthy & Fun Choices activity books went home with 4,500 students. The next year it was decided to bring all the kids to Providence Park instead of going out to each school. A health fair was started by Providence Health and the students got to watch a Timbers Game to kick off the season.  

In 2014, Providence Health selected Healthy & Fun Choices and our founder, Kirsten Klug, to create a booklet called Living Well that integrated Healthy & Fun Choices specifically for Cancer patients. This work was big and hard as she was working directly with all the head physicians, oncologysts, dieticians, nutritionists, and therapists who all had different ideas. After listening to all their wishes and combining them with the Healthy & Fun Choices curriculum, Kirsten wrote, designed, and edited the booklet. It was one of the first of its kind and Providence Health has printed and distributed millions of copies of this product. 

In 2015, Portland State University brought Kirsten in as an adjunct Professor to teach Healthy & Fun Choices to teachers. This program was also rolled out in Organizations where teachers or leaders where wanting to better understand whole health choices for food, fitness, and mindset. She also was a substitute teacher for NCSD.

In 2016, Kirsten became an Assistant Teacher at Franciscan Montessori Earth School and soon the Director of the Summer Camp Programs. She integrated Healthy & Fun Choices into camps and used the pedagogy in how to run a successful summer camp program. In 2020 Kirsten was laid off due to cancelation of camps thanks to the pandemic.

In 2018, we saw a need to publish a magazine to educate important articlers and connect people to supportive businesses. We published the first printed version and then published digital versions and worked on expanding the website as it is now with the ability to promote events, memberships/certifications, and connect organizations. During the pandemic, Healthy & Fun Choices published printed and digital magazines, and offered Zoom classes to students and teachers. 

In 2020, we also turned to helping small business owners all over the world! Because everyone was working from home, we did live zoom workshops and trainings with people all over the world! Australia, Canada, Oregon, England, Florida, and everywhere in between. Here are some of the programs we offered:

If you have an idea for a new business, we have a program that will help you succeed. In addition, we have a creative agency, marketing growth consultant, financial advisers, and other resources available for how you can navigate change and persevere through all challenges. You can rent office space if you would like part-time or full-time and have the opportunity to do workshops or events on the premise. 

This program is perfect for the business owner who feels overwhelmed in business. Whether you would like to be making more money per month or you would like to be working less hours, this program will teach you how to be more proficient with your time management and help you connect with resources who can reduce your stress and worries. That way, you can grow your business and enjoy your life even more!

Don’t let your mental or physical disabilities hold yourself back from all the you want to achieve in business, fitness, and life! This program is meant to help people who have been injured or have chronic diseases discover new ways to lead their life regardless of their challenges and frustrations. This class will be very empowering and insightful to other classes for years to come.  We bring in guest speakers like Jake French, Mario, Mac Pots, Angela Prachl, and more!

Some of the most talented business leaders had troubles in school and life growing up. They could have been bulleyed or teased for how they did things differently. Many get distracted and/or can’t spell or read! Come find out how your challenges can make you stand out because you have the ability to think with creativity and face any challenge straight on.

That way, you turn your vision of your business into reality and you are able to stress less and live more. Business owners who integrate in the HFC principles often find more enjoyment in life and reduce their worries/fears. 

Our goals for the future are to create a certification program so that teachers, coaches, and employees can integrate the program more easily into their programs and existing curriculum. What makes us different is we teach HOW and WHY so that it coaching and teaching is even easier and more fun!


1. Our program became evidence-based indicating positive results about how integrating fun and multi-sensory experiences increased positive results over time. 267 students were tested at the beginning of the year and then retested eight months later.

2. Our workshops for youth integrate multi-sensory experiences talking about how we feel, think, and experience life and our environment. We use trauma-informed approach in all that we do and a growth mindset.

3. Youth build skills and understanding around empathy, self-confidence, creativity and perspective on challenges. They learn about their thoughts and attitudes, and how they can work in a team. At the end of the workshop, students have a big aha moment as they get to experience the difference between holding everything in and what happens when we open up….we experience and grow even more.

4. WE have fun! And look forward to working with you…. call Kirsten 503-314-6701 with any questions.

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