Yoga Flow & Glow – Mon & Wed 6:50pm

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Kirsten Klug’s Yoga Flow & Glow connects your mindset, breath and movement together so you can move through life with more fun and ease. This is a 4-session program on Mondays and Wednesdays.


Yoga Flow & Glow is for people who want a work out with modified options and get the mindset from yoga to take with them. Your yoga instructor Kirsten Klug brings years of yoga and mindset training and coaching. Each session will bring in new perspectives, shapes and an awareness of how to bring together your breath and movement with more ease and fun.

Four Sessions on Monday and Wednesday nights held at the Sunnyside Grange on Monday Night 6:50pm – (big yellow building on the corner of 132nd & Sunnyside Rd in Clackamas, Oregon). Come as you are – all are welcome! Bring a yoga mat and water bottle. Wear clothing that allows you to move with ease.

If you have any additional questions, call Kirsten at 503-314-6701.


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