What you say and write is important

From Kirsten Klug’s book Your Time is Now, Kirsten writes about the power of words:

“Words, in themselves, can be very powerful. They can make you laugh or cry. They can influence, manipulate, or inspire. Words can hold you back or hold someone else back. Words have different effects on different people, that’s why your choices on the words you choose to use lead you on your path. Words are about allowing and trusting others to discover your true potential.” 

How will your words and the ideas/meanings around them develop your true character?

Your words can build your character. 

“What we do on land effects what lives in the water. We must respect the salmon people so they will be reborn next year and return to feed our village.” – Native American Legend

By giving a contribution of our time, knowledge, money, and assistance, to how you contribute in this lifetime, you show how you care. 

If you look at the middle fo the word “contribute”, you will see the word “tribute” which means to gift as a way of gratitude or acknowledgement. In other words, contributing can simply be the ingredient that sustains us, our relationships, our community, and our world. 

Here’s a challenge:

• How can you contribute to your world using words that best represent your thoughts, ideas, and actions?

• How can you help others understand how their words contribute to their relationships and the world around them as well? 

• What are some vehicles that you can use to share your words with others and sustain conversations? For instance, can you start by asking questions or can you introduce a new word each day in your vocabulary? 

Share your discoveries and how your words have had an impact on you. 

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