We’ve got educational wellness programs and inspirational magazines/podcasts for you!

Bring Healthy & Fun Choices into your PLACE for you and your family, and your coworkers. Our programs are trauma-informed and safe for all ages. They provide simple concepts that you can implement daily, weekly, and monthly. Discussions, journaling, and taking action on our words and actions are part of Healthy & Fun Choices.

Simple Ideas on Integrating Healthy & Fun Choices into where you live, learn, work, play, and grow:

• Get your coworkers sharing their best salad creations during lunch break. 

• Sing and dance with your children while waiting for dinner to bake.

• Read with a child or friend. And if the reading isn’t making sense to them find our resources online to tutors and additional help.

• Color in a Healthy & Fun Choices activity book while discussing the ideas or doing the challenges.

• Come help build up our Clackamas County community so we are thriving and helping to redefine how we work and live. 

• Call us and find out how you can integrate it into what you are doing – call 503-314-6701

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