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Now is the time to enjoy Healthy & Fun Choices Outdoor Adventures or Yoga Classes
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Let’s Get Moving! 

Your Healthy & Fun Choices® has impacted many people in different ways. Here are some of the ways:

1. Summer Camps for youth in SE Portland, Clackamas/Happy Valley, and Beaverton

2. Healthy & Fun Choices Community Events at Alpenrose Dairy for two years and in West Linn for one year

3. School Classes and Workshops – we came into schools for quite a few years doing workshops and leading conversations 

4. Activity Workbooks – check out the store as there are at least 10 books you can enjoy!

5. Magazine – have you read these or educated others through this?

6. Outdoor MeetUps including hiking, kayaking, hiking, and hammock camping

 7. Living Well Booklet for Cancer Patients in Providence – using the concepts from Healthy & Fun Choices, Kirsten facilitated a project and wrote/designed how a broad concept could simply work for cancer patients and their families


Crystal Springs Rhododendron Park is a beautiful place to walk the dog, go birdwatching, and of course find a lot of flowers to photograph!

We love to go kayaking in the Clackamas River, Estacada Lake, and Willamette River. If you have never gone before we have access to a lot of boats OR bring your own and we can show you waterfalls and more.






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