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We are BETTER Together! Healthy & Fun Choices is intentional living and communications so you can manifest change. Come challenge yourself in a yoga class in-person, outdoors or online OR bring Kirsten Klug in to help you and your team.
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Life is lived through experiences and intentions.

Healthy & Fun Choices is an evidence-based educational program developed to inspire intentional, playful living so that people enjoy the life they love!

The program has been offered in schools, organizations, preschools, summer camps, art classes and a yoga studio. 

Currently the program developer is in the process of releasing additional books and selecting an educational tour in a city or location near you. If you would like to schedule Kirsten to speak online or in-person, please contact her at 503-314-6701.

The five modalities of HFC are:
1. Mindset: intentional and present, yoga, forest bathing and meditation lead to a clear mind and whole health living
2. Mindfulness: Understand the importance of our words and sounds as they move us forward in action. Integrate in daily meditations for honoring your spiritual intuitions and healing.
3. Food: Fuel your physical, mental and spiritual growth with a focus on colorful foods and H2o; Experience tastes, textures, temperature and togetherness in meal prep and consumption.
3. Fitness: Challenge yourself through a variety of exercises, sports and functional fitness activities with a focus on agility, endurance, balance, strength and stamina
4. Environmental Experiences: Get outdoors and explore a variety of nature, weather and locations; also make it a point to relax and sleep each day. 
5. Engage: Be part of something in order to belong, Integrate FUN & Laughter, and engage in multi-sensory experiences
6. Creativity: Select art and creativity to solve problems, see a new perspective or paint a picture.

These concepts cover everyday habits that are essential to living an intentional present-focused life with healthy and fun choices. 

Our brand also has:
• Planners and training modules
• 12 Activity workbooks for kids
• Magazine customized featuring industry experts
• Workbooks, hot sheets
• Book Signings available after workshop or coaching
• Inspirational notecards and Cardsets

After inspiring over 50,000 families with her work fromn 2009-2014, Kirsten became an Assistant Guide at a Montessori School and the Director of Summer Camps. This gave her the ability to look inward and discover more about how we learn and remember.

Then, from 2017-2023, she realized her work wasn’t just for everyone else, through major accidents as well as getting through the pandemic, she realized it was for her and her family too. 

Please help create the community that can inspire everlasting change. We can reduce the amount of time we waste away on cell phones by instead
• Starting conversations with others
• Gaining insight through meditation
• Joining yoga classes & experiences
• Eating colorful foods and water
• Getting 8 hrs of sleep/rest
• Adjusting time to what works best
• Hiring help when needed
• Going for dog walks
• Playing with your kids
• Enjoying nature every single day
• Doing FUNctional fitness
• Encouraging others and uplifting
• Join or form community groups
• Get involved in urban farms

Healthy & Fun Choices® has impacted many people in different ways. How can it help you? Join a class! Become a sponsor for youth programs!

Over the Years:

Yoga Classes at the Sunnyside Grange – ON NOW 20204 Monday and Wednesday nights 7-8pm

Living Well Booklet for Cancer Patients in Providence – using the concepts from Healthy & Fun Choices, Kirsten facilitated a project and wrote/designed how a broad concept could simply work for cancer patients and their families

Summer Camps for youth in SE Portland, Clackamas/Happy Valley, and Beaverton

Healthy & Fun Choices Community Events: 2012 and 2013 at Alpenrose Dairy and 2014 in West Linn – brought in speakers and guests like Michael Allen Harrison, Jake French, Randy Traeger, Kirsten Klug and partnered with variety of small businesses in each community – our goal was to educate children and adults at the same time and it was wonderful! 2023 Event at Sunnyside Grange with yoga, cooking workshops and Zibava Polish band

Evidence-based School Workshops: Taught workshops to 45,000 students over 7 years in Clackamas, Happy Valley, Milwaukie, Gladstone, Portland, Gresham, and Vancouver. Some schools we did one-time workshops and others we did classes for a series of weeks, months or years.

12 Activity Workbooks: They can often be found in Kids Toy Stores, New Seasons, Pet Stores, and are sometimes distributed at schools or doctors offices. Two are available online on Amazon.com/KirstenKlug

Whole Health Educator at Farmer’s Markets and Community Events: Provided hands-on activities for kids at the Happy Valley Farmer’s Markets and brought in local public services to connect with families like the Fire District

Published Magazine:
Our first publication came out in 2019 right after the pandemic started and our second we published digitally. Although it reached a lot of people it was hard to track its results.

Outdoor  Classes
Watch for hiking, kayaking, hiking, and hammock camping

Customized Programs for Employees: 
We help organizations inform their employees about good ways to stay fit, eat colorful food, and have mindset that is intentional. Would your business or organization want a proposal?



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