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Let’s Get Moving! 

Your Healthy & Fun Choices® outdoor adventure guide, Kirsten Klug, enjoys planning and taking people on  day hikes,skiing on the mountains, exploring nature, and kayaking/boating in the local rivers and lakes. She has lived in the Northwest and enjoys sharing it with others! 

In addition, Kirsten has extensive experience:
• Summer Camp Director
• Nature, Gardening, Harvesting, Dog Camp Leader
• 4H Camp Director
• Ski Racing Coach for 18 years
• Yoga Instructor with certification in Love Your Brain 

Outdoor MeetUps for 2022:

Kayak on Estacada Lake. Kirsten can take up to 12 adults/kids on an adventure up Estacada Lake to cliff jumping, exploring waterfalls, and a beautiful spot to eat lunch. We meet at 10am in Estacada and can go for 3-5 hrs.

Kayak on the Willamette River.  If you have your own kayak and have experience going on slightly rough waters, meet Kirsten to explore the Willamette River during the week in the morning or even for an early sunset cruise. There are so many places to find birds, go fishing from your boat, and view gorgeous homes and more!

Ride the Chairlift and go for a hike on Mt. Hood. Take a beautiful ride up a chair lift and enjoy the gorgeous views up on Mt. Hood. We will also hike on trails with wild flowers and can stop for pizza.

Discover the Columbia Gorge. There are a lot of wonderful day hikes close to Portland. Let’s talk about what interests you and pick a trail or an adventure, and set the date.

To pick your dates or if you have an idea, email kirsten@healthyfunchoices.com.


Crystal Springs Rhododendron Park is a beautiful place to walk the dog, go birdwatching, and of course find a lot of flowers to photograph!

We love to go kayaking in the Clackamas River, Estacada Lake, and Willamette River. If you have never gone before we have access to a lot of boats OR bring your own and we can show you waterfalls and more.

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