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Inspiring Positive Change since 1994

The founder and author of Healthy & Fun Choices has been a prominent business owner, graphic designer and copywriter.

Her work inspired positive change from helping a client educate about the benefits of Electric Vehicles, a farm initaite marketing beyond the farm
• the EV industry
• pioneered marketing initiatives
•  Farming beyond the farm
• Building character confidence

Healthy & Fun Choices® has impacted many people in different ways. Here are some of the ways:

Living Well Booklet for Cancer Patients in Providence – using the concepts from Healthy & Fun Choices, Kirsten facilitated a project and wrote/designed how a broad concept could simply work for cancer patients and their families

Summer Camps for youth in SE Portland, Clackamas/Happy Valley, and Beaverton

Healthy & Fun Choices Community Events: 2014 and 2015 at Alpenrose Dairy and 2016 in West Linn – brought in speakers and guests like Michael Allen Harrison, Jake French, Randy Traeger, Kirsten Klug and more

Evidence-based School Workshops: Taught workshops to 45,000 students in Clackamas, Happy Valley, Milwaukie, Gladstone, Portland, Gresham, and Vancouver. Some schools we did one-time workshops and others we did classes for a series of weeks or months.

Published 12 Activity Workbooks: They can often be found in Kids Toy Stores, New Seasons, Pet Stores, and are sometimes distributed at schools or doctors offices. You can also purchase the books here in our store–Check out the store on a variety of subjects from character building, whole health, dental health, getting out in nature, etc.

Whole Health Educator at Farmer’s Markets and Community Events: Provided hands-on activities for kids at the Happy Valley Farmer’s Markets and brought in local public services to connect with families like the Fire District

Published Magazine:
Our first publication came out in 2019 right after the pandemic started and our second we published digitally. Although it reached a lot of people it was hard to track its results. So we put it on hold until our distribution model could work again. We are now in progress of selecting places to put the magazine and who will be contributors and partners.

Yoga Classes:
Kirsten is teaching at YogaRiot and soon will be offering zoom classes and community classes.

Outdoor MeetUps:
Watch for hiking, kayaking, hiking, and hammock camping

Customized Programs for Employees: 
We help organizations inform their employees about good ways to stay fit, eat colorful food, and have mindset that is intentional. Would your business or organization want a proposal?

Our goal is to develop an app so that coaches can have a place to keep in connection with families and encourage whole health initiatives. Would you like to get information on this?



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