Spring Fever by artist Todd Griffith


While walking my dog today I was amazed by all the different colors, vibrancy, and uniqueness of leaves changing colors. I took many photos and sometimes wonder if I am supposed to create calendars or books with my findings. 

The reason I’m sharing this with you is that I believe nature has something to tell us. Nature wants us to know that even going through the hardest events and even loss, we have the ability to look at the bright side. 

It is within us to nurture ourselves and grow from our experiences. It is within us to keep going and persevere through all challenges. And it is within us to gather together and be supported by others.

The experience of Covid-19 has certainly made me think more clearly about what it is in life that I want. Do I want to stay at home and be scared of what could happen? Or do I want to get out and be careful and still have connections with people? 

Has it done the same for you? Does Nature get you to wake up and see more colors in your life as well? What do you get to learn through your experiences of change? 

Article by Kirsten Klug, Author of Nurture Nature 

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