Mindset Choices

How do you know what you are supposed to
think about?

Your brain and mind work together to create thoughts that allow you to make choices, which determine the actions you take—what you think, what you choose to think about, and how you choose to talk to yourself and others. Through all of this process, your attitude is being developed. Your attitude and your choices determine how you grow up and what you learn.

Your mindset is your choice: Live with a positive, fulfilled life with set backs, new learnings, health, and happiness. Or, live a with a negative, unfulfilled life with set backs, stress, and worries.

Your brain’s most remarkable feature enables you to think about how you feel. No other animal in the world has this ability. That’s why your thought process, attitude choice, and communications can be challenging. And, it is what makes the human race so interesting.

A healthy mindset is knowing that there is a balance between the good and the bad and that your attitude can help you get through it. A person with a healthy mindset can be present today, plan for tomorrow, and reflect on the past without getting ovewhelmed.

“Creative thoughts blossom when your mind is relaxed and engaged in physical activities like sports, being outdoors, meditation, and music.” -Kirsten Klug

For a healthy mindset to sustain us, we need to fuel it with colorful foods, have fun and laugh, and get outside in nature to enjoy and play.

Sharing your mindset choice with others is important, too. Remember that the people around you influence your thoughts and actions.

Ideas for choosing positive, healthy mindset: 

Make Mistake & Learn from Them
Taking chances does result in mistakes. There are so many products and services that we rely on that were developed beccause of a mistake. And, if you have a learning difference or mental health challenge, know coaches and teachers can often help you navigate in a way that works better for you.

Use Creativity to Overcome Challenges
Try not to dwell on your fears, worries, and stress. Rather: What can you learn from your concerns? What can you do next time it happens? Use creativity to look at change from another angle.

Take Action on What Is Important
Schedule your day, your week, your month, and your year. As Yogi Beara said “if you don’t have a direction or a vision, you’ll end up someplace else.”

Have Fun
Life is meant to be fun! With a positive attitude and healthy mindset you can find ways to put fun into the mundane and every day happenings.

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