Healthy & Fun Choices magazine first launched in 2018 right before our founder and creative director, Kirsten Klug, was in two serious accidents that almost took her life. The 1st issue was printed and distributed to 5,000 families through New Seasons, athletic clubs, doctor and dental offices in Clackamas County, Oregon. 

The 2nd issue was printed in the winter of 2019, unfortunately right before Pandemic. We distributed to 30,000 families digitally with live links, videos and interactive workshops.

Kirsten pivoted her business and it led to an International Business School, online summits and online school for kids! Kirsten helped teach other teachers and educators how to excel online during the tough circumstances. 

Now we see the future is bright and kjnow we can offer more! We will be distributing the 3rd Issue in mid-September, 4th issue in late November, 5th issue at the end of December, 6th Issue in early March, 7th Issue in May and so on.

Make a Difference

This community is built by individual memberships and contributing businesses. Together, we create experiences that can create positive change.

Connect with Families

Healthy & Fun Choices is a platform to connect people to educational programs that make a positive difference for all. We can help you stand out and connect.

Get Published & Known

Let us help you get more attention by being published on Healthy & Fun Choices website and magazine.

Get Featured on Our Podcast

Share your story and inspire people to live the life they are meant to be living. Your story matters and needs to be shared with others. Connect here to schedule your interview.

Keynote or Event Workshop

We inspire change through conversations, challenges, and connection. Bring us in to your next event, conference or program. 

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