Our Mission.

Together we begin conversations, create connections, and build a healthy and fun community. 2022 is about living your best life and teaching others about Healthy & Fun Choices, too!

One Day or Day One

You decide.

How You Would Like to be involved?

Now you can get behind a program, magazine, and philosophy that allows you to make a difference in the community where you live, work, play, and/or go to school!

Inflation Already?

Consumer prices have risen leading to food shortages in stores, a limited amount of certain goods we rely on, and higher than normal gas prices. All of these are red flags for inflation. What do we do now?  It is difficult to predict how long these difficult...

Healthy & Fun Choices is totally committed to creating a supportive community full of innovative and heart centered businesses. This aligns so perfectly with my vision as a business owner, I am so excited to be part of this at the ground level!

Melissa Vindevoghel

Owner & Lead Web Developer, Deva Creative

It’s been so fun to watch Healthy & Fun Choices evolve, and now to see it grow into a larger community we all get to be part of.

Iwona Erbe

Parent / Teacher

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