We found out that Hammock camping and hanging out is more fun that you could ever imagine!

It is a simple pleasure that allows you to focus in the present moment. By simply hanging out in a hammock you get to focus on what is here now and let everything else go. Feel the breeze as you swing. Chill as you enjoy the views above you in nature like the tops of the trees or the clouds rushing by. A hammock simply makes life better!

A couple years ago we were in REI and we saw ENO hammocks and thought they would be fun to have. The cost was a little bit higher than we wanted to spend at the time, so I kept the idea in my mind and began doing research. What I found is that the nice hammocks are an investment. I realized I needed to save up for the purchase of three hammocks for myself and my two kids. And, so I did.

I decided to splurge and get the ENO hammocks because of the cool colors and unique designs. I thought that getting something we really like, will be that much better to own.

Here’s what we learned and why we love it!

What you need to hammock camp:
• Hammock
• Straps (usually come as set of 2)
• 2 Trees about 10 ft. apart

Light & easy to carry
The Eno hammock fits inside a small bag that is attached to it. The hammock bag and straps are light-weight and easily fits in your backpack.

Easy to set up 
When you find a good location with two trees, you get to set it up. Wrap your straps around the tree and put the strap through the loop, take the hammock out of its bag, hook your hammock to a loop on each side, adjust until it is the right height, and simply get in. 

You can sit up, lay down, or share your hammock with a friend. It’s nice to put up when you are on a hike and need to stop for a break or set up for a long-term stay. You can set your hammocks up in a triangle or square so it’s easy to talk, or just by yourself so you have your own spot.

For day time resting, you just need you! And if you want, you can add a book or something to snack on. For evening resting, add a sleeping bag and possibly a blanket. If it’s raining or going to be dewey, add a strap above and hang a tarp over you. 

You can lay sideways causing your spot to get pretty flat, lay like a banana, or curl up on your side. Or even change from one to another. Anything goes just as long as your are feeling good and having fun!

For Children of All Ages
There is no reason to grow up. Hanging out in a hammock just makes your smile regardless of your age! You get to swing and also look up at the trees, sky, and stars! Hammocking makes you feel young again. 

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