We are spending a record number of hours on screens.

Not only do our children in public schools start using computers as early as Kindergarden, our teens are on the computer in almost every class in school and at home doing homework. Plus, many children come home from school to play video games and chat with friends. And, it’s not just our kids, as adults we spend a lot of time on the screens as well.

On average Americans spend 4 hours a day looking at a screen.

As an Optomitrist, I am seeing more and more people having eye strain, eye twitching, and double vision (convergence insufficiencies). This causes even more strain on the eyes and can cause more damage and disease. -Dr. Thuy Tran

Instead of ignoring the issues, do these to reduce the strain:

1. Take time away from the screens (computer, phone, TV)

2. Look away from the screen every 10-20 minutes when you   
    are on for a long period of time.

3. Get at least 8 hours of sleep a night.

4. See a doctor if your eyes are hurting or you are getting

    headaches more than usual.

5. Wear your glasses when working on the computer.

6. Have your eye sight checked at least once a year

Dr. Tran is an Optomitrist at Rose City Vision Care. She cares about her patients and enjoys helping them see better.

If you have any questions about screen time or eye training, make an appointment to see Dr. Tran. Her office and contact information can be found at the business directory on


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