What’s your daily meal plan?

Food and drinks are the FUEL for our mind, body, and spirit.

Without the right mix of colorful foods and clear liquids, our bodies are deprived of the nutrients we need to thrive. 

The amount of food that your body needs is dependent on your bodies needs. Please talk to your doctor, chiropractor, or integrative practitioner for more information and guidance. 

Here are some general needs that your body has:

Minerals (eggs, yogurt, leafy vegetables): essential for your healthy skin, and strong bones and teeth.

Fiber (vegetables, fruit, whole grains): helps your body digest food.

Vitamins (vegetables, fruits): help your body stay healthy and fight disease.

Fats (milk, meat, fish): build healthy nerves and good for reducing your risk of disease.

Protein (meat, beans, fish): builds muscles and fixes damage or infection.

In addition to the foods you eat, you can supplement your diet with additional vitamins and minerals.

By making sure that your body gets a balanced amount of essential nutrients, along with fitness, you can ensure that you are fueling yourself to your best ability. 

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