All Kinds of Minds
Dr. Temple Grandin and Kirsten Klug both are highly visual individuals who want you to understand their perspective. They both have care deeply about doing what is best for the animal or human experience.

By understanding that we have all kinds of minds, we can better work together for the common good. For many years our school system has made children with learning uniquenesses feel inferior and hurt self-confidence.

Helping kids and parents know more about dyslexia, dysgraphia, ADHD, and Autism when it comes to learning can significantly influence the health of a child. Our discussions around how we learn will reduce anxieties, depression, and suicides.

Instead of focusing on what is different, Kirsten believes we need to figure out what is helpful for each learner. For instance growing up Kirsten had low self-esteem and often questioned herself because things did not make sense. She was so visual that reading was distracting with visual images. Kirsten learned quickly when she could work as she heard, and yet was really confused as she read. It wasn’t until a speed reading class in college that Kirsten was able to actually understand what she read. Just think how much frustration could have been relieved if she learned about photographic memory at a younger age.

Kirsten’s daughter has convergence insufficiencies which is an eye disorder that causes her brain to work harder to focus. This can cause tired eyes and incredible strain especially when using a computer. Online school during Covid-19 was very tough, and yet we discovered how using a big computer screen helped! Through HFC we help teachers and students learn about this too as written in articles.

We can Retrain our Brain
We can use meditation and the “relaxation effect” to retrain our brain so that we shift our brain to work better for us. There are programs like BrainTap as well as neurological testing and bio and neurofeedback to get retrain our brains. 

Reducing stressful situations and choosing environments that are supportive are important for helping our mind and brain work together. 

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