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Carolyn Cook Life Coach
Short Business / Organization / Service Description: Would you like to move forward in faith through your transformation. If yes, Carolyn is here for you.
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Transform your life with faith-filled action! God has big plans for you – take the first step today!
Does this sound like you?

You feel like the caterpillar that went through chaos and is ready to emerge as a butterfly. But, you are unsure of how to break free from old patterns.
You’re at a crossroad. You can do what’s safe, but you don’t want to live with what ifs and wonder what could have been.
You’ve spent your life raising a family and now that they’ve grown, you’re floundering without direction or a sense of purpose.
You’ve hit an emotional or financial ceiling at work and the feelings of forced limitations are becoming harder to manage.

It’s easy to get caught up in the busy-ness of life and then suddenly realize you are that butterfly that just wants to have its own wings and fly! 

Thankfully, the process of transformation requires you to overcome challenges, feeling small, and having times of complete chaos.
So… don’t quit five minutes before the miracle! Now is the time to move forward in faith.

Phone: 760-579-1334
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Kirsten Klug, Communications Strategist
Address: 13888 SE 126th Ave.
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Kirsten Klug offers consulting for product or service that help people thrive. She brings years of experience in pioneering industries with innovative ideas, strategic planning, market analysis, and creative services to help you stand out and achieve success.

Kirsten enjoys working with people who understand and value marketing as ongoing conversations and connections.

Her ideal clients have a good attitude about life and working with others, communications, and creating connections that provide ongoing success. They offer products or services in the industries of health, wellness, well-being, educational, or Certified B Corporations.

Phone: 503-314-6701
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