Get out to watch birds and enjoy nature

Oregon has many bird species to see, watch, feed, and learn from. In fact, there are nearly 400 different species! Of these more than 200 pass through the Portland metropolitan area.

Setting aside time to birdwatch is good for you. Not only do you learn to plan ahead to look for the birds, you also give yourself time to slow down and participate in nature. Giving yourself time to walk, hike, or feed and view birds from your home is an activity many of us take forgranted.

The planning and exercise of going out into nature is good for your body and mind. It is a form of exercise as well as relaxation. Plus, feeding birds in your own backyard allows you to care for another living animal. 

How birds fly, forge, eat, move, and nest is very interesting. Each specie acts slightly different than the other. There are great bird guide books that can help you identify what you see, as well as learn about their behaviors while you watch them in action.

There are also apps that can help you identify bird calls, which often help lead you to find more of the same bird.

Where is your favorite place to find birds in view? To the left of this article we have provided a couple of our favorite places.

Just the other day I was at Crystal Springs Rhododendran Gardens and got to see a baby bald eagle up close learning how to fly!

Today at the beach it was fun to watch birds take flight and others find refuge in the grasses.

Artwork credit Don Griffith, you can find his artwork and order online at

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