Health benefits
Flavonoids, unique antioxidants that are in tea, are linked to help with cancer, heart disease, and diabetes. Tea can also encourage weight loss, provide mental clarity, and suppress cholestrol.

Flavorful and aromatic
Loose-leaf tea has a larger surface area for the essential oils, minerals, and vitamins to expand in the water.

Less waste
Loose-leaf tea has no paper or packaging waste. Simply spoon into steeper, add hot water to steep, and pour into your cup.

Breadth and depth of natural tea gives robust flavors that have been honored for thousands of years.

Come into Cup of Tea to taste and purchase these kinds of loose-leaf tea. Teas are available to purchase by the ounce for personal home use, or at wholesale rates for your store, event, or business.

Cup of Tea is a sponsor of Healthy & Fun Choices®. Both businesses are Mom Owned Businesses.

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