Whole health that is easy and fun to

understand can inspire people to
take action and thrive.


1. In-person Yoga & Workshops
2. Inspiration to Take Positive Action
3. Content for whole health educators

This big vision was created 20 years ago.

Our founder Kirsten Klug has spent years
doing evidence-based research and she
persevered through difficult injuries.

We have what will inspire a transformational

shift to healthier humans and families.


Today we begin to teach others
how to make healthy and fun choices! Join Here:

(for Whole Health Educators)

  • GAIN exclusive access to promotional opportunities within the Healthy & Fun Choices community.
  • BE FEATURED in educational campaigns, scavenger hunts and other fun opportunities!
  • LEAD by bringing Healthy & Fun Choices ideas, programs, and training to you, your staff and beyond
  • CALL TO ACTION with easy plug-and-communicate options to make it easy for you to educate what is important for whole health and wellness, while getting connections that count! 
  • EMPOWER POSITIVE CHANGE and ENJOY our business coaching
  • ACCESS to educational classes, books, clubs and events!


Everything in the Access Pass PLUS added value, enhancement and accelerated growth:

  • PODCAST INTERVIEW monthly share your knowlege through stories to help people create the life they love on Brilliant! with Kirsten Klug
  • PERSONAL/BUSINESS COACHING monthly with Kirsten Klug customized for you and your business
  • Written PUBLISHED ARTICLE in the blog or magazine to educate and connect even more!
  • DISCOUNT for retreats, training and courses
  • STRATEGIC PLANNING FOR SUCCESS to learn new ideas on current challenges and keep persevering

    Let’s make a difference together on helping people thrive and live their life to the fullest! 

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