Healthy & Fun Choices® is a philosophy that living a full life must include whole health conversations beyond the doctors office. That instead of focusing on what is not good for us, we need to put more emphasis on what can help us live a long life. 

“Healthy” is not just what we look like, it also includes our social, emotional, physical, mental, and environmental health. By being more aware of how our thoughts, words, and actions create our health, we can have more fun and create a greater connection with ourselves and others.

“Fun” is integrated in to help us learn and remember easier.  Our courses, online classes, and workshops are extremely memorable to help you be even more successful in learning and teaching others.

The concepts to inspire intentional living, confidence, and creativity allows an individual to get through challenges and live their best life.

In 1994 the concepts started getting integrated into our founder communication campaigns for clients.

In 2009, Kirsten branded Healthy & Fun Choices® started creating resources and teaching workshops to make the concepts more accessible. Over the last 13 years, HFC has:
• Developed the Living Well book for Cancer Patients at Providence Health
• Published a 36-page magazine series
• Provided workshops for thousands
• Lead keynote speeches
• Inspired communities by starting HFC
Family Events
• Directed and led summer camps
• Designed/distributed 12 Activity
• Become a social media influencer

Whole health includes mindset, dental health, fitness, fun, colorful food, and conversations. 



People who embody the Healthy & Fun Choices mindset are leaders — you can see it in how they take in life and learning, and most importantly how others gravitate and are connected to them.

What does it mean to incorporate Healthy & Fun Choices?

1. You select colorful foods to eat and include your whole family in planning, grocery shopping, creating, cooking, and eating.

2. You choose to get outdoors as often as you can taking your dog for a walk, gardening in your yard, or going for a hike or adventure outside. 

3. You enjoy athletic activities and FUNctional fitness or dryland training that challenges your body through endurance, agility, strength, and thinking.

4. You are having conversations integrated throughout your day speaking on topics about whole health and mindset so that you can creatively talk about and get through challenges, pains, and fears. 

5. You’re engaged in learning more and more about new ways to bring Healthy & Fun Choices to your family, friends, teams, and school or workplace. You attend workshops or are excited about signing up for new online courses launching in June. 

Kayaking experience with campers

Gardening camp in West Linn, Oregon

Office design with HFC in mind for meeting.

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