“I wish I knew that”

There have been so many times in my life that I said “I wish I knew____ when I was younger.”

“I wish I knew… how much our words affected our time and actions.” Having undiagnosed dyslexia, I felt compelled to explain myself as a kid and a writer for a long time. When my kids started showing signs of dyslexia too, I realized that words don’t have to hold us back, instead we can use them to create positive change! It’s not just reading that can hold us back, it’s also how we think about ourselves. This first magazine theme is BE WHO YOU LOVE to inspire that we can read articles about how choices in our mind, body, and spirit can help us shine!

“I wish I knew… that my actions could have a positive impact not just on me… on everyone.” Some people have told me that coming out with a traditional magazine is old school. What I’ve learned in my twenty-five years in teaching others how to be memorable is that our multi-sensory experiences are most important. A magazine with really good information, articles, and ideas is what we need to start conversations about all that is important!

“I wish I knew… that Healthy & Fun Choices® will be a success!” Well, here you have it. I’ve dreamed of this for years, I’ve had accidents try to ruin it for me, and still through resiliency I’m sharing this with you. My hope is that you will enjoy discovering in here so that you can take the ideas into your life!

Knowing that time is important—I designed the magazine in a way that it is easy and fun to read! And… it will give you ideas:

  • Enjoy the outdoors
  • Get fit and do fun activities
  • Spend time with people and pets
  • Find time to laugh
  • Plan, make, and eat colorful food
  • Be who you love
  • Write books or music
  • Engage in your community

In addition to the magazine, here in the online website at www.healthyfunchoices.com and special programs coming to bridge the gaps between learning in school, work, and home.

You can order magazines in bulk as a gift for your clients or staff, or hand them out to your patients or families. The magazine could also be
customized for companies, organizations, or schools.

Want to get involved or be featured in an article? Reach out and let’s talk!

The possibilities are endless because together we create positive change and wellness! This magazine will be coming out monthly in print and in digital, audio and/or as a podcast online.