Challenge #1


Have you wished you could climb more stairs to be ready for hiking or climbing season? Have you wanted to have core and leg strength? 

If yes, then let’s start on this fun challenge! You just need 30 days or one month to do this challenge!

The concept is that each day you do a flight of stairs and then add another flight. So by the time you are on day 30 you can do 30 flights of stairs no problem. 

It sounds tough at first until you begin. There are a lot of things in life like this that seem huge or too difficult… but then you commit to the challenge and pretty soon it is fun and easy!

Share your photos and comments here to encourage other members to jump in and do the challenge too! State what day you are on and share a pic of the stairs that you climbed! You can even share one each day if you’d like on our Facebook page. 

Challenge #2


Do you ever hold yourself back from doing something different? If yes, then here’s a fun challenge for you. So many people think that yoga or stretching or lifting weights has to be done at a certain place or in a gym, but it’s not true. 

You can incorporate yoga in anywhere! Yes, I even do yoga in the shower!! So take a photo of your favorite pose somewhere outside or in your house or between two doorways or in a tree! INspire others to get out and have fun as they stretch and breathe!

Share here or on our FB page. 

Challenge #3


Do you have negative thoughts or worries in your mind? Would you like to spend more time on thoughts that lead to more good? 

If yes, then let’s start by switching your thoughts quickly by simply using a word that can shift what you think about. This is the concept behind Kirsten Klug’s MoreTime2 Words book. 

Try the word “sunshine” for the day and any time a negative idea, story, or worry comes up replace it simply with the word and stories about sunshine or seeing yourself in the sunshine, on a beach, or relaxing. 

Share your experience here and if you’d like to be included in a daily group that is discussing this concept, click here! 

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