Encourage whole health choices in participating in practices, drinking water, eating colorful foods, and  having a mindset that is open to opportunity and an awareness of focusing on the present moment or day.
• Start the season with a parent meeting to discuss practice/game times, parent contributions/volunteer needs, and whole health thinking
• Use a communication tool that makes it easier for you to stay in touch with the whole team
• Have a parent rep or start a texting tree for your coaching staff or families so everyone is aware of last minute changes or adjustments
• Have fun and try to integrate joy into everything you do

Encourage your athletes to be responsible, respectful, able and capable. Have them anticipate needs, plan ahead, and look out for what they and their teammates need. Building this into your training allows another level of joy and accomplishment to their participation.

It’s the little things that count! Dehydration contributes to errors in our thinking and slowness in our reactions. It’s important to remind your athletes to drink water throughout their day so they are ready for whatever comes their way in practice and games/performances.

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