Tails Up

IMG_2871-2A cat jumps across the road and over blackberry bushes with a fluffy tail following. Dogs on a walk, tails raised as they follow their owner. Baby deer stand frozen with their tails up trying to decide their next move.
When change happens, tails raise.
Tails up, means alert and ready.
Tails down, indicates cowardly and resistant.
Change is constant. How do you approach change?
This morning I found peace and quiet at the top of Scouters Mtn. Just me and nature. I stretched, did yoga, and wrote.
And most importantly I realized tails up has to include getting out in nature, learning in classrooms, and participating in projects.
Flip a coin on what choice you need to make for change, did you get heads or tails? What will you do about it?
Make a change or make a choice.
Are you ready?