Meditation for Every Day Life

Meditation for Every Day Life
Guest Post by Ben Stanford

When you have some spare time relax your breathing system, only for a few minutes, there is no need to do anything else besides relax your body. When you are outside of your home either on the bus or train nobody will be aware of what you are doing. Just let it be, close your eyes and focus your mind on the breathing going in and out, do not let the noise from the outside disturbances or the person you are sitting beside effect your focus. Meditation is a simple awareness. The noise of the train or the car rumbling is a part of everyday life and that is ok! Accept this, the noise of the traffic passing is ok. You cannot avoid the truth.

It is better to face it, accept it and live it. Once you start living life with authenticity, all your troubles start to disappear and you are no longer divided. Your voice will have a unity and your body a vibrating orchestra, your inner conflicts will disappear.

Start to do some people watching, watch what they say and do, watch for a clue and find if they are really genuinely happy. Immediately you will be aware they their inner voice is really saying something else. By this you can watch yourself, when you are saying you are happy when you are not. This will cause a disturbance in your breathing. If you said you were stressed or unhappy your breathing would remain natural though by repressing this thought, your breathing is forced down and is no longer in sync with your mind.

Whenever you are together and in tune with your body and mind you will find suddenly you are happy, this is why people like to practice yoga and meditation to create a unison, whose parts are interrelated and not conflicting.

Breathing from the chest
The right way to breath is through the chest, in times of stress the chest can be used for breathing. In times of an emergency your breathing will be shallow and fast. Ordinarily the chest should be used to breath naturally so you can remain calm. If you breath from the chest, you may have tensions in your mind and your chest breathing for meditation may be fast and shallow.

Remind yourself you breath deeply for a few seconds, let your belly come up when you inhale, let your chest go down when you exhale. Let this be a rhythm that become the core of your energy. By creating this harmony you will become more relaxed and create more vitality in your everyday life.
Relaxed attention and meditation
With this technique firstly you have to developed your attention, you should develop a kind attitude only then will this technique before functional for you. So when you have attention you can experience yourself.

When you are in your car or on the bus to work, thing about what you are doing there. Develop your attention, just look and be there. Do not focus your mind on the outside noises or people, be the look, don’t think anything. You are not aware of yourself because there is a wall, every look comes back, everything is reflected, responded to, though you are not there to receive it as your mind is somewhere else. Be there to receive it, you can try this out every day to develop attentiveness.


Letting go of stress at the end of the day
At the end of each night, sit in a comfortable chair or lay in bed and let your head relax and fall back. Release your jaw so there is no tension in your neck and head. Focus on your breathing it should be relaxed, focus on breathing from the mouth, let this be natural it should go in and out lightly. Keep your eyes closed with your mouth open and relax.

Start to feel your legs becoming loose, feel as if they have become like jelly at the joints. Imagine your hands becoming loose and being relaxed no just to check and torso remains. Start to thing about your head, relax your forehead, eyebrows nose, leave it relaxed and calm.

Switch your mind from thinking to feeling and start breathing from the heart. For meditation, this has nothing to do with the physical heart it belongs to the subtle body.  Do this a few times, take 5 deep breaths at once, this will help you shift your body from your mind to your heart. You will become more aware of many things you have not been aware of, move from your head to your heart you will start to feel more relaxed and connected with your body.

Do this for 20 minutes at the end of each day before you go to sleep, try it out for a few weeks and your restlessness will settle. Working with this as apart of your everyday life will help your energy more into an essential part of relaxation, energy will start flowing into your legs, hands, heart and in your head in a more proportionate way.