Snacks for Living

A home-maker had a cake on her counter and sent a piece of the cake to work with her husband. As she sat their home alone the cake looked so appealing… so she had one piece. Which lead to another and another and another. Suddenly toward the end of the day she realized that when her husband came home he would expect to see a cake with only one or two slices gone. So off she ran to the grocery store to get another cake… and then home to quickly eat one more piece.

Heart failure and obesity are at all time highs in the United States. Heart Disease is the #1 killer of women. Obesity adds extra weight on our organs, bones, skin and how our bodies function. Obesity makes us work harder not smarter.

So why do we keep feeding and encouraging unhealthy snacks for ourselves and our children?

Why in 2016 did my daughter receive Gatorade, Cheeze-its and Oreos as a snack after a softball game? It’s not the fault of the family that brought it… it’s the fault of our society.

Maybe it’s easier to buy and give packaged treats? Maybe it seems like it is more fun? Maybe it’s because that’s what families before this one had done? Maybe it is because this family had extras in their house or saw a good deal at the store?

Regardless, kids want to eat the treats. Unhealthy or healthy treats. Kids will likely eat the snack or reward they are presented with unless they have an allergy or simply told no.

Change takes you. And conversations around this.

Are you ready to help make the change?

The story at the start of this blog hits close to home…because not only is it true, it is my grandmother. She was such an inspiring person with a big heart. And yet, she passed away at a young age due to heart failure specifically from being obese.

Yesterday I made a post on the Kirsten Klug Facebook page about our process of giving snacks out after athletic games. Go read it and see what so many people shared on there. This is an epidemic and change can only happen by you doing it.