Save Your Life

You may be a really good skier, biker or driver; but you never know what can happen in a split second when another person or object shows up right in front of you.

No time to think, you have to make a quick reaction!

Last June, I was driving through an intersection when out of no where a big 350 truck came barreling towards me. I swerved quickly to the right hoping not to hit the light post, but bang and swoosh! I went into a spin and stopped in the middle of the intersection.

Luckily he hit right behind my door so I only suffered a concussion, arm and shoulder injury. With chiropractic and massage I was able to return to work within a few weeks. I trained really hard for ski season as I’m a ski racing coach and felt so strong when I started my season in November!

Remember you have to react quick.

Just a month ago I was skiing slowly down a trail, when suddenly here came a guy in a red jacket going up! Since I was going faster I jumped to the left thinking I was saving the collision, only thing is he jumped that way too…and we collided. Head on. And hard.

I fell and couldn’t get up. The pain in my leg was so severe I passed out.

I severely broke my leg, a tibia plateau decompressed fracture. I needed trauma surgery. And no walking for three months, no driving for four months.

I know quite a few others who unfortunately lost their life in the same situations. It’s so frustrating.

Now I realize it’s time to RISE.

Part of including Healthy and Fun Choices(R) in your life is learning how to let go of the negative or frustrating moments of life. You can acknowledge them and yes be frustrated, yet try not to dwell on it.

Rather use the accident as a way to complain about the horrible situation, make positive adjustments in your life that will help you in the long run.

With my last ski accident, I’ve decided to get more in shape, leaner, and stronger. I’m working at home and soon with a trainer. My goal is to lose flab and turn it into muscles where I need them.

In addition, I’m taking more time for sleep and healing. I’m really giving myself down time. I’m learning how to sit back and let others help me more instead of me trying to do it all.

And finally, I’m rolling out a new business –a whole health magazine that will share pains, frustrations, healthy choices, and positive change. It will be a source of inspiration of so many.

I have bad days and moments where I get so frustrated, and I just have to laugh at myself and apologize to others. Healing is a crazy experience when you think about it.

If I rise up through this, I’m going to be happier, healthier, and stronger. If you’d like to help, subscribe to this blog!