What do you do with an idea? You change the world!

In our case, you can see our ideas are manifesting because people are increasing conversations about whole health, restaurants are offering healthier choices, and consumers are more aware of their healthy choices.

Community Education

Educational Animations & Training

School Educational Programs

The last five years of programming has led us to a conclusion to focus now on continuing to bring educational programs to schools and HR departments so that together we can help youth and adults lead by making Healthy and Fun Choices®.

In addition, we are raising funds to develop leadership training videos on Healthy and Fun Choices® life and leadership skills that can be used by coaches, trainers and athletes all over the world.

We are currently recruiting/selecting
– volunteers for mentoring youth
– schools and organizations that will hold our programs
– businesses and leaders involved in the training programs

If you are interested in being involved in any of our exciting programs, please let us know by calling 503-314-6701 or emailing Kirsten at Thanks!