John Wetten Elementary



In January of 2012, Kirsten Klug presented 24 workshops over a 3-day period that reached 786 students in first through fifth graders. The educational workshops went for about 40 minutes each and included a hands-on discussion allowing children to share ideas in the five food groups as well as indoor and outdoor physical activities; the Paper People conversation about attitude, communication and choices; and the team relay Banana Race where children learn while doing funny activities that test their social, emotional, team and communication skills.

The program helped John Wetten Elementary in securing 2nd year funding and establish their commitment to health in the community.

“Kids really enjoyed the activities and the books allowed the conversations to continue in the classrooms and at home.” –Trey Mott, PE Teacher

“My students said they really had fun in the workshop and brought the paper people back to the classroom where we incorporated them into our thoughts and choices.” –Third grade teacher

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