“We do not inherit the earth from our ancestors, we borrow it from our children.” –Native American Proverb

Healthy and Fun Choices® believes that healthy individuals lead to healthy communities. Our partners include :

Alpenrose Dairy

Coach Randy Traeger of The Virtues First Foundation

Jake French 

Chuck Tolmac

Henrik the Juggler

Portland Futsal

Cindy Haas

Clackamas Community College Dental Assistants Program

Claim It! Live It!

Bob’s Red Mill

Trader Joe’s

Nutcase Helmets

Sunnyside Dentistry for Children – Dr. David Doyle and his staff take the time with our children and their parents to explain treatment options and educate them of additional preventative care. Located off of Sunnyside Rd in Happy Valley, OR.

Aries Apparel – what girls need to play – an athletic apparel store committed to women and girls located in Clackamas and Hillsboro, OR. Find everything from shoes to athletic gear to water bottles to sports bras to swimsuits to hair ties.

Holistic Pet Center – Established in 1988, “The Health Food Store for Pets” continues to provide information that will enhance the health of dogs and cats. 






To join in the efforts or for additional information, contact us at 503-761-4360.

The books and curriculum are endorsed by:
Dr. David Doyle – Pediatric Dentist
Dr. John Gobble – Nutritionist
Dr. Jill Sheasley – Pediatric Physician
Trey Mott – Elementary Physical Education Teacher
Iwona Erbe – Preschool teacher
Jeffrey Gitomer – Yes! Attitude Author & Speaker

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