This is a recap from the 2014 Event. Join us for the 2015 event — February 7th at 11am at Alpenrose Dairy.





10:00am – Healthy and Fun Choices® Interactive Workshop by Kirsten Klug
Multi-sensory experiences provide deep understanding for all learning styles. Children, Parents, teachers and community members are invited to come on stage and in the opera house to participate in a fun workshop that sheds light on the term “healthy”. Kirsten shares the Paper People® Exercise about emotions, feelings and attitude to allow individuals to understand how their brain works and why we crave unhealthy rewards. Then during an interactive discussion we’ll discover portion sizes, colorful foods and indoor/outdoor fitness ideas. The workshop will finish with the Banana Race® a fun and challenging team race that gets individuals moving while thinking creatively about health.

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10:45am- Life Happens! Live it! presented by Jake French
Amp up your effectiveness in building a healthy lifestyle for your family with the often neglected, but immensely powerful mental side of fitness. Running and eating vegetables are the classic places to start, but strengthening your brain biceps will help you achieve success faster. Come explore with your kids how the attitude we choose each day affects our outlook on life, strategies to use choice to become stronger than whatever happens to us, humor as a healer, and techniques to improve communication between all ages.

11:30am – Chuck Tomac as Cat-in-the-Hat
After being a Principal in the Gresham School District for thirty years, Chuck Tomac decided to turn his passion of learning into giving students the opportunity to listen and laugh while he reads Dr. Seuss books dressed as Cat in the Hat. Children of all ages will enjoy hearing what the Cat-in-the-Hat has to say about that!

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12:15pm – BBQ Fundraiser sponsored by The Virtues First Foundation and Alpenrose Dairy
NOTE: The BBQ will be held in the Ice Cream Parlor and served to the first 100 guests. Donations requested at $5 per plate.

1:15pm – Leading a Virtues First Life presented by Randy Traeger
Virtue First is the fastest growing character education and development program in America and is currently being embraced by sports teams, schools, religious organizations, businesses, health care providers, and public agencies around the country for one simple reason – it works. Come in to hear Coach Traeger

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2:00pm – Juggling Health “Yes I Can” by Henrik 
Kirsten Klug will first discuss how our brain works from her book Yes I Can! Yes I Am!  Then we’ll be entertained by Henrik Bothe about the tricks involved in living a healthy life. Whether you are juggling activities throughout the day, the stresses of life or how to literally juggle with our hands and our feet.

2:40pm – Juggling Practice and Contest – Is it easier to juggle with your feet or your hands? Which way provides the best balance, timing and exercise? Portland Futsal has donated awards for the winners!

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3:00pm – Counting Calories presented by Kirsten Klug
Some believe that keeping track of how much we eat and burn as far as calories is the way to keeping a healthy BMI. With growing children and eating on the go, calories can be hard to keep track. Kirsten has developed a game that allows children to understand the concept of fuel consumption and burning.

3:30pm – What is in Our Food? presented by Cindy Haas
Cindy presents the broader holistic view of the mouth as being part of a greater physical, emotional, mental and spiritual reality and recognizes that maintaining teeth for life is critical to good general health, and is about more than brushing and flossing. Come find out how your dental health can empower your overall wellness and how you can encourage others to make healthy choices as well. This workshop is great for anyone in the dental field, as well as parents, teachers and educators.

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4:00pm – Music Magic presented by Students of Michael Allen Harrison’s Snowman Foundation
The Snowman Foundation provides musical training, instruments and services to schools in Oregon. Two students will share inspirational stories about how music gave them hope and provided skills and habits of healthy leadership. Enjoy performances and  have an opportunity to share in the love of music making! The Snowman Foundation is also accepting your donations of used instruments and music supplies.

5:00pm – Conversations Around Healthy Choices presented by Kirsten Klug and Special Guests
How do we set limits on screen time? When do we begin counting calories? When is it best to talk to my children about their safety on the Internet or at School? Kirsten provides easy to understand tools that allow children of all ages to begin understanding how they can lead their life while contributing more to others and the world around them. This workshop will include educational information, small group discussions/sharing, and tools that you can use at home, in school and in the workplace.

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If you have any additional questions, email or call 503-314-6701.


Please Note: Performance times are subject to change.  There will be raffle drawings (from Bob’s RedMill, Nutcase Helmets, Trader Joe’s, Portland Futsal, Kirsten Klug’s Healthy & Fun Choices, and more!) between many of the workshops throughout the day! Educational booths are available in the foyer of the Opera House and a BBQ at Noon.

Thank you!

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