Educational Booths

In the Entrance Foyer to the Opera House, find educational booths for adults and children. Discover ideas to use at home and in school:

1. Dental Health Care & Proper Toothbrushing – Students from Clackamas Community College Dental Assistant school will teach children and adults about proper brushing and flossing.

2. Moneywise – Come put a test to your spending, saving, investing and giving – And most importantly learn from what local children are doing to make a big difference in the lives of children, pets and the world around them.

3. Face painting – Get your face painted starting at Noon. There are three options for cost — Free receives simple art; $5 half face and $10 full face

4. What is in your food? – Cindy Haas will share information about what ingredients are in drinks and food and how they effect our bodies.

5. Music Magic and Musical Instrument Collection by the Snowman Foundation – bring in your used instruments to be fixed and donated to your local school. Come in to learn the key letters on a piano and more!

6. Moneywise – Put yourself to the test of how you would choose to spend, save, invest and donate money. There is also a fun educational experience for donating to the charities involved in the Healthy and Fun Choices® Family Event.

7. Yes, I Am! Yes, I Can! Attitude – Discover how your brain works and take tests to see if you can begin to change the thought process and conversations around how you see rewards/consequences.

8. Bookstore – Check out the latest books from the speakers and performers that are at the Healthy and Fun Choices® Family Event. All books are on sale! We take cash and visa/mastercard.

9. Fitness Fun – Come explore a variety of creative ways you can be healthy and fit indoors and outdoors. Design your own agility course or discover a new talent with balance.

10. The Great Outdoors & Pet Care – Find out from the 4H Representatives why nature and animals can teach us so many healthy lessons.

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