Snacks for Living

A home-maker had a cake on her counter and sent a piece of the cake to work with her husband. As she sat their home alone the cake looked so appealing… so she had one piece. Which lead to another and another and another. Suddenly toward the end of the day she realized that when […]

Save Your Life

You may be a really good skier, biker or driver; but you never know what can happen in a split second when another person or object shows up right in front of you. No time to think, you have to make a quick reaction! Last June, I was driving through an intersection when out of […]



Here are recommended books for you to read: The Compound Effect by Darren Hardy Little Gold Book of Yes! Attitude By Jeffrey Gitomer

Summer Camps at FMES

Summer Camps at FMES

It’s fun to see how all our experiences lead to new opportunities. After directing a variety of camps for the last seven years with other preschools, the 4H, Boys & Girls Club, as well as Healthy & Fun Choices® programs, I am now the new camp director for Franciscan Montessori Earth School at 147th & […]

Create change

Create change

Everyday a fourth grader would go home, sit on the couch, eat chips and watch TV. Just like his dad. His dog would bark and sometimes he would throw a ball for the dog to chase. Sometimes his friends would text and instead of TV, he’d join them on Xbox. When his mom came home […]

Come see what it’s all about at the upcoming March 5th Healthy and Fun Choices® Family Event in West Linn Adult Community Center – doors open at 9:30am Without your contribution to the event, I would merely be a person with a big idea that wouldn’t be taken seriously. I would imagine sometimes you feel […]

Tails Up

A cat jumps across the road and over blackberry bushes with a fluffy tail following. Dogs on a walk, tails raised as they follow their owner. Baby deer stand frozen with their tails up trying to decide their next move. When change happens, tails raise. Tails up, means alert and ready. Tails down, indicates cowardly […]

Crystal Clear

Today I brought my running shoes and after a meeting at PSU made a point of running the new bridge. As I ran I experienced beauty all around. I saw all forms of transportation, minus the car exhaust. It made me realize why we had the opportunity to work with Dimera and Kent Hermsmeyer, who […]

Why Colorful Foods?

When I am not inspiring individuals about their healthy choices, I create logo designs and am a professional writer. I remember one year a client of mine was looking through a color book with me on selecting their color for their logo. He kept picking out pinks and browns. It wasn’t until a conversation started […]

Healthy Living

Healthy living is a way of putting your health at the top of your priorities. Healthy living includes making conscious choices and having conversations with others throughout your day on what choices are best for the moment and your overall health. Healthy living choices include daily: 1. Sleep – relaxation, meditation, stretching and yoga 2. […]