Healthy and Fun Choices® has become known for starting healthy conversations about whole health and how it applies to our mind/brain, body and spirit.

By implementing Healthy and Fun Choices® pedagogy into our lives we can influence self-awareness and self-confidence, which leads to healthier relationships within and with those around us. Our educational program influences our well-being.

Healthy & Fun Choices® Magazine is in production!
It is to be distributed in the Happy Valley, Clackamas and East Portland areas in spring 2018.

Would you like to be involved in our mission?
• Be an advocate, read and share ideas
• Advertise in the magazine or Sponsor an article
• Attend educational training
• Make a donation to support the blog: https://squareup.com/store/bamboo-river/

A portion of the proceeds from the work we do goes toward our non profit, Bamboo River® Foundation, that distributes the books and educational programs to under served youth.

call Kirsten at 503-314-6701 or email kirsten(at)healthyfunchoices.com.