Questions answered

Who are these activity books perfect for? • Businesses that would like to sponsor the books so they can be handed out to children and make a difference at an event, non-profit program, health fair or in a children’s hospital. • Businesses, dentists or doctors that want to promote themselves through a community outreach program […]

36 Hours to Grow

Spending the day with leaders of Oregon PTA programs at the Airport Sheraton. The energy and motivation to lead change in our schools is inspiring. I’ve enjoyed meeting everyone and look forward to another fun day tomorrow. Being in the vendor area, I’ve also met many great leaders that have developed fundraisers to help schools […]

Vision to lead change and impact millions

Being a mom of two children, and aware of an opportunity for additional learning when kids are waiting in restaurants, at appointments or wanting something to do at home instead of TV or the Internet, Kirsten E. Klug decided to take matters in her own hands by creating activity books that make a difference. With […]

Make a difference this Earth Day!

April 22 is Earth Day. It’s the one day, each year, that billions of people pay extra attention to the earth and nature. The tradition of celebrating Earth Day was established by U.S. Senator Gaylord Nelson in 1970. April 22 corresponds to spring in the Northern Hemisphere and autumn in the Southern Hemisphere. Many non-profits […]

Let's speak positively about schools

I’m concerned that our words speak louder to our children than to our government. In Oregon, it seems as though many adults fear that the schools’ lack of funds will result in not enough attention for our children, less extra curricular activities and more stress. How do our children feel when we complain about school […]

Sponsor & help children learn from Healthy & Fun Choices!

“Giving Kirsten Klug’s Healthy & Fun Choices! activity book has been a rewarding investment. My patients get to leave our office with this fun book, not just another brochure that will be thrown out.  It makes a big impact on our patients and their parents, they remember and share their appreciation with us. Additionally, it’s […]

Heart Health Month

It’s true heart health and oral health are related. Even Dr. Oz feels this correlation is important enough that a whole section of his show and website is dedicated to talking about it this February. Click on this link to to see videos and learn more. In the Healthy & Fun Choices activity book, […]

Featured in the Oregnian blog, Omama's!

I love the quote from Amy Wang’s article  at Omama Blog that sums up what my concept and the activity books are all about… “Her hope is that the activity books will open up and maintain lines of communication between kids and parents. She envisions a child doing one of the activities in the book, […]

Healthy and Fun Choices

Healthy & Fun Choices Activity Book is about the important choices we get to make in our lives.  It’s a great activity book for children of all ages. Explore the Getting-Ready-to-Go maze, learn about foods and color and complete the World of Friends dot-to-dot. Healthy & Fun Choices! is perfect for a car or plane ride, waiting […]