Jeffrey Gitomer kicked us into action! He can help you, too!

Our passion in business is to inspire—to inspire others to make positive, healthy choices that fulfill their life. We’ve been fortunate to design everything from books to signage to television commercials to radio ads to identities for a wide variety of clients! And through it all, we’ve seen just how powerful communication can be, and […]

What is the advantage to being positive?

You have a choice to live your life positively or negatively—both in how you are as a person and how you act as in your attitude. You may have a negative reaction to something, but that doesn’t lead to a negative person unless you always react negatively. To figure out if you are negative or […]

Inspiring kids to make healthy choices

Thanks to Trey Mott, PE Teacher at John Wetten Elementary, and a grant from FamilyCare Health Plans for selecting Kirsten Klug to offer 3 days of workshops and customized activity books. It was absolutely fun to be able to work with 24 classes and 750 kids! We led classes through talking about Healthy & Fun […]

John Wetton Elementary selects Healthy Fun Choices!

This summer my daughter was taking golf camp at The Children’s Course. As I watched her golf instructor simplify the directions, while having fun, I realized that he coached and talked with kids a lot like I do. So after the camp was over, I got to talking with him and my daughter mentioned the […]

The little stories we tell

It wasn’t a typical Saturday morning as we had no plans. In fact our soccer game was on Thursday night, so no soccer. What were we to do with a free day? As my husband and I lay in bed, slowly but surely two little kids came running in and jumped in with us. Suddenly […]

September 25, 2011 Events

We are excited to be part of two events for children on Sept. 25th, 2011 and we hope that you can attend. At both events, enjoy FREE art area where kids can paint on an activity page and take it home! Author/Artist Kirsten Klug will be signing books at both events! See author/artist appearance times […]

Healthy Conversations with Kids

It’s important to talk with your kids about how their day was at school or how an activity went. If your children are quiet at first, keep talking and soon they will begin a conversation. A common challenge at the beginning of a school year is finding out new friends’ names. If your children know […]

Ms. Coats Class Recordings

Click on the play buttons below to listen to the songs! Teacher Teacher by kirstenklug Bingo Song Bingo-song by kirstenklug Cougar Roars Cougar-roars by kirstenklug Counting Song Counting-song by kirstenklug Love Song Love-song by kirstenklug Painting Song Painting-song by kirstenklug Principal Principal by kirstenklug

Got summer plans?

Watching the news last night, in Oregon the weatherman predicts that it’s not going to be as hot as we want it. So, what activities can kids do when it’s raining? Here are some ideas: • Activity books like Oregon is Fun! Rain or Sun!, Healthy Smiles! and more… • Children’s Museum or OMSI • […]

How physicians incorporate activity books into their practice

We know this concept of handing out activity books to your patients may be new. After working with over forty physicians in the last fifteen years on their marketing initiatives and identities, and having children of our own, we discovered the need for additional healthy communication with children beyond their appointment. Yes, it’s true children […]