The right way

When I cook, play sports or do an activity with my mom she is focused on doing things the right way. In some cases, it is helpful as the rules (for the most part) allow games to be played fairly. But what happens when there are no established rules? Without rules, like heating up water […]

My Shoes

“Coach, my shoes know how to score a goal!” is what Maja said after she scored her first goal in our first soccer game. At the age of 4 and a half, Maja believes her shoes scored not her. Children are amazing on how the can disconnect objects from themselves at such a young age. […]

Drying off

The other evening, my son and daughter were taking showers. As I went to go into the laundry room, I realized there were no towels. I had no idea what to do, so I decided the kids would get a real kick if I showed up with a hand towel. I guess the kids didn’t […]

Fun in the Sun

It’s going to be a hot day and that means it’s important to think about how to keep our bodies cool. Here are some tips for keeping hot weather fun: 1. Wear sunscreen 2. Drink water throughout the day 3. Play in the water or sprinkler 4. Sit in the shade often 5. Design games […]

"You can't do that."

Do you hear “you can’t do that” from others? Why do our parents or friends say that? Are they trying to challenge us? Or do they deep down really believe that it is not possible? Being an optimist, when I hear “you can’t do that” I think “oh, yeah” or “why not?” The unhealthy part […]

Healthy & Fun Choices!™ Camp – What Fun!

We had a wonderful week with 11 campers ranging from age 3 to 10. The Oregon weather held out with sunny days every day, which meant we got to do activities indoors and outdoors. The campers learned about what it means to be healthy by having great conversations about their thoughts, words and healthy choices […]

"healthy" choices for the summer

What does it mean to you to be healthy? What does it mean to your children? Being “healthy” doesn’t have to be applied only to what you eat or how often you exercise. Being healthy can be so much more. Now that it is summer time, it is fun to get outside and take advantage […]

How to respond and be respectful

My son and daughter were playing on a playground set at a park today in the beautiful sunshine. As they climbed around and discovered the bars, slides and rings, they realized that the children around them were speaking other languages. My daughter shared this story with me and I got her permission to publish this: […]

The frequency of sound

Have you ever been somewhere when a noise caught your attention? What do you do when your cell phone rings when you are in a good conversation with a friend or your child? How do you select what sounds are more pleasant to you than others? Sounds are very memorable because they run on frequencies. […]

Pets teach our children valuable lessons

Pets are a great way to have fun and learn valuable life skills. So often we get home from school and feel there are so many things to do—clean house, do homework, make dinner, run to an afternoon activity. Then suddenly our dog begins licking our face for attention. Here’s what we’ve learned… Here are […]