Heal through conversations

The reason I want to share this with you is because we are all going to have different types of healing that we need. All these events are tough to understand. The best way I believe is to understand our thought processes and know what to do about our fears, anxieties and worries. Rather than […]

Conversations around creating Healthy Soups

It’s a great time of year to make healthy, hearty soups and a fun cooking lesson for kids!! Here are some conversation ideas around the steps in soup making… 1. Start a conversation with your children: “I’d like to make soup, what do you think would be good to put into it?” “I was thinking […]

Let's Count Calories!

If we allow our children and ourselves to eat whatever our heart desires without excerting the same amount of calories, we may not live happily ever after. For fun our family is charting calories at home so we have a better understanding of how this all works. We have designed a big chart and are […]

A colorful Thanksgiving meal

Carrots, asparagus, lettuce, kale, cucumbers, eggplant and olives…these will create a turkey design for an appetizer. Sweet potato mash made with cocunut milk, cinamon and chives… a yummy, healthy side dish to complement a turkey. Green beans sauteed in butter… corn bread with a honey glaze… Turkey steaming and glowing… what an amazing sight. What […]

Healthy permanent changes

As a speaker and educator about applying healthy choices to your lifestyle, I have to admit keeping my weight and mind healthy is a constant challenge. This year I have made some healthy permanent changes and I’m proud to report how I feel so blessed to experience the change and be able to share it […]

Change is present

Nature has a way of letting us know. It has no fear and it does what it does. Many children are highly sensitive to what adults feel when change happens. They can often tell that our mind may be pre-occupied with something. How can you best communicate your concerns about the change that has occurred […]

How do we know a real bully?

There are boys who are mean. There are girls that say rude statements and may not even know it. And, there are individuals that are just acting up. As a teacher, parent or care giver, it’s important to take a little extra time before jumping in and judging a situation. If there is harm being […]

It's tomato time!!

A tomato grown in a green house has only half the vitamin C content as a vine-ripened tomato. Fresh tomatos are the best! Here are a few ideas of what snacks and meals you can make: Lettuce Boats: Mix together chicken pieces, tomato pieces, shredded cheese and ranch dressing. Then put it onto a piece […]

Building a fortress

A fortress is built on a strong foundation. And in addition to the foundation that protects it, a fortress has a strategic plan. The plan is not just addressing how to handle attackers, rather the plan creates the vision for moving its society forward. When I was young our family had an exchange student from […]

Confidence level

At what age do children become a little over-confident? I believe it’s around age 7. When we went for a bike ride the other day to a familiar lake in a somewhat familiar area, my daughter decided to go off without telling me. Unfortunately, I was with my son on his bike with training wheels […]