Nutrition includes what we eat, drink and crave. Our nutrition provides the fuel to get through our day and burn the calories that we need to burn. A healthy nutrition includes: • Colorful food choices • Well balanced meal from all five food groups • Good porportions and eating on smaller plate sizes • Drinking […]

Enter Contest

Enter Contest

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Lost and found

My son and I had decided to go on a swimming date to Mt. Scott Community Pool. When I parked the car and went to grab my wallet, I realized I hadn’t grabbed any money. I went into a little bit of a panic and thought do I drive all the way home to get […]

Vitamin D benefits health!

Just like a plant or tree in nature, Vitamin D helps individuals grow as well. It is just one of the reasons why SUNSHINE keeps us healthy. Regular exposure to sunlight allows our skin cells to use ultraviolet-B rays to synthesize vitamin D, which has several benefits, including:   1. Allows the intestine to absorb […]

Counting Calories

Want to know how many calories are in the food you eat? Want to know how many calories you burn when you do certain physical activities? Here are some online charts that will help you discover your healthy choices… Calorie Counter App –

Healthy Worksheets and Resources

The month of March 2013, Kirsten led a series of Healthy & Fun Choices workshops with the second graders at Happy Valley Elementary. The first week we discovered a variety of healthy food choices, talked about portions, and what makes certain foods more nutritious than others. We also got into teams and did fun and […]

It's what you see

As a tiny creature roving the earth, I blended in with moss, lichen and tree bark. I had so many legs that I stuck to everything I pleased. ‘Why on earth would God want me here?’ I asked so many times, that soon the black birds stomped their feet and the coyotes barked. They would […]

Healthy Pets. Healthy People. Healthy Communities.

There are many positive health benefits of owning a pet or being around pets. Here are our top FIVE reasons why we feel pets are integral to healthy behaviors: 1. Socialization: Pets teach children and adults how to be gentle, be aware of how one handle’s a first impression and encourages conversations with other pets […]

Heal through conversations

The reason I want to share this with you is because we are all going to have different types of healing that we need. All these events are tough to understand. The best way I believe is to understand our thought processes and know what to do about our fears, anxieties and worries. Rather than […]

Conversations around creating Healthy Soups

It’s a great time of year to make healthy, hearty soups and a fun cooking lesson for kids!! Here are some conversation ideas around the steps in soup making… 1. Start a conversation with your children: “I’d like to make soup, what do you think would be good to put into it?” “I was thinking […]