It’s all in our words

It’s all in our words

Do our thoughts come first, or our words? Let’s not think too hard, yet realize how important our thoughts and words are, and how they ultimately drive our actions. By just changing simple words like “I want to” to “I am going to” changes everything. Dr. Seuss has written several books that get children imagining […]

Portion sizes

When eating food, it’s easy to eat in a hurry and not notice what you are putting in your mouth. It’s also easy to grab a big dinner plate and fill it full of food is more than you need. It is wise to check with your doctor or nutritionist about how many calories your […]

Healthy food choices

Sometimes choosing reduced-fat or low-sugar foods are actually worse for you than if you just choose natural foods. Check out this video to see five kinds of food that may not be as healthy as you may think:

Why is attitude so important?

Your brain’s most remarkable feature enables you to think about how you feel. No other animal in the world has this ability. That’s also why your thought processes, attitude choices and communications can be so challenging. In order to enjoy parenting to the fullest, to experience everything, a positive attitude is necessary. It allows you […]

Time Outs – How do you handle them?

My daughter learned how to count to 20 by the time she was 2 because I was doing what I thought I was supposed to do as a parent… putting her in time outs when she didn’t behave the way I thought she should or do something that wasn’t very nice. I noticed that time […]

Event Fast Facts

What:   Healthy and Fun Choices® Family Event Who:    Parents, Children, Teachers, Community Members, Business Owners, Press When:       Saturday, January 25th Time:         Workshops Begin at 10am & BBQ at noon Where:     Alpenrose Dairy Featuring these speakers/workshops: • Kirsten Klug of Healthy and Fun Choices • Jake French Inspires […]

Family Event

Join us at Alpenrose Dairy on January 25th, 2014. When you arrive, you’ll receive an activity workbook that walks you through the days program including educational activities, workshops and performances. You can move through the foyer or join us in the theatre for a variety of performances. Our intention is that the fun, educational event […]

Healthy Parenting Decisions

Parents can never be too early to begin thinking about the health of themselves, their family and their children. The health of an individual allows or burdens growth and learning. When we are the healthiest, our brain and body is open to all that surrounds us. We are able to love, listen, receive and participate. […]

Where the vision began

Where the vision began

Kirsten envisioned a need for books and programs that could open up lines of communication and allow children to understand healthy choices. The skills developed during her years as a business owner (writing, designing and illustrating) have helped facilitate an all-inclusive package directed at healthy and fun choices. She now has eight books and fun, […]

Our Story

Our Story

In 2010, author and illustrator Kirsten Klug created the Healthy & Fun Choices™ activity workbook to open the lines of communication between children and parents regarding healthy, fun choices. After physicians, dentists and teachers purchased copies of the books for their patients/students, Kirsten Klug realized there was a bigger neeed: programming. In June of 2010, […]