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What is Healthy and Fun Choices?
Healthy and Fun Choices® is about being healthy, happy and comfortable…about your wellbeing. Healthy and Fun Choices® membership gives you information you can use to feel better about who you are and the choices you make.

With the ideas and information you can overcome fears, pains and frustrations and enjoy your life to the fullest! Founder, Kirsten Klug, provides a new perspective on how we can be and change our future.

Why is Healthy and Fun Choices® important?
Our pedagogy, programs and resources have helped thousands of parents, teachers, students and educators create positive change.

It started as an activity book in 2010 that simplified the learning of bigger concepts like multi-sensory and inclusive learning, rewards, consequences, and creative problem-solving.  And from that came workshops, sponsored programs, camps and a preschool.

How do I become a part of it?
Change starts with you, and your children. Even if you don’t have children of your own, your actions influence others.

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What else does membership do?
Membership allows you to be an advocate. It furthers our research and grants. It helps make a difference in your community and gives you the ability to attend conferences with hands-on learning experiences for all ages!