Your Healthy & Fun Choices® workshop:

• Engages participants in multi-sensory activities, games and discussions
• Encourages participation by all ages and learning styles
• Expands an individuals perspective around health
• Empowers individuals to enthusiastically take positive actions
• Enables strong partnerships within communities

In addition to providing a customizable event template, we also excel in these areas of event and communication success:
• Connect you with other partners, organizations and key personnel
• Purchase and place media in online, social and traditional locations
• Strategize and plan the marketing communications campaign for all budget sizes
• Create websites, signage, communication tools and apps for the event
• Provide training for volunteers and organizations
• Develop information collection, data mining and the follow-up communication campaigns

We look forward to helping you have an outstanding experience! Call Kirsten at 503-761-4360 to talk about ideas.


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