It's what you see

As a tiny creature roving the earth, I blended in with moss, lichen and tree bark. I had so many legs that I stuck to everything I pleased.

‘Why on earth would God want me here?’ I asked so many times, that soon the black birds stomped their feet and the coyotes barked. They would tell stories that didn’t always make sense, but because they were older and smarter I believed them as the truth.

‘What is my purpose, why have I been selected to roam so low to the ground?’ I listened to the streams, felt the rain drops as they weighted down the ferns, and discovered that sometimes hiding in a ball was the best spot of all.

I researched and removed poisonous plants and harmful creatures, so others could live.

I creatively communicated, so others could be seen, heard and understood.

I told stories to help others feel big. I lifted the burdens, so friends could grow.

The more I did, the more others grew envious. I hated myself even more knowing that others were feeling insignificant. And still I did not understand why. ‘Why when I gave them all they wanted, why would others be so distant, rude and unkind?’

My time was a fallacy. Many stories I believed were not true. I feared. I worried, said should’ves and would’ves. I changed my habits, yet, even eating the healthiest plants, rigorously exercising and washing with the richest soil did not help.

I decided it was my turn to die.

I cried and cried and cried. And when I could cry no more, I sat and got still.

Within me there was a voice that said, “what about you? You are here on this earth because you have a life to live.” I thought hard and realized that I do know the power of love and that I get to make choices.

Suddenly, there was a new burning desire to live. In that moment, I realized I am not crazy. I am not big, nor small, nor insignificant. I am not depressed. I am just an average being trying to do what I thought was right. I am just an empathetic, loving and caring individual that forgot about the one that is supposed to be in this life.

Using the concepts in the unpublished book I wrote for everyone else three years earlier, I realized the book is life and the messages were for me.

I can trust what has been deep within my heart, that healthy choices are the keys to life. When you feel challenged, it is your family providing a tether so you don’t fly away until you are ready.

Today I chose my wings.

I fly high amongst the blue sky and soar through the canopies of old growth firs, I can reflect on how thoughts can transform ones perspective into the ability to see.

And in seeing from this perspective, I can give others the ability to craft their wings, to approach the ledge, and fly at this healthy and fun elevation.

“It’s not what you look at that matters, it’s what you see.” –Goethe