Healing with Meditation or Prayer

Part of healing after being sick, living with chronic pain, or having surgery includes relaxation, meditation and renewal.

Meditation or prayer is the practice of focused thinking and breathing.  It is a way to bring light and energy to one’s healing. It can be done right before going to bed, when a person wakes up, sitting in a chair or sitting in lotus position.

Meditation and Prayer is the act of getting quiet within, letting go of what you don’t have control of, and focusing on a positive or inspirational word, scripture or subject matter, and then allowing your mind to focus on all the good available. Breathing with your thoughts is important as well.

You can meditate or pray by yourself or with others. You can do it while you wait on the phone or even when you take a shower. You can keep your experiences within or share them with those close to you. Sometimes conversations around meditation and prayer allows you to feel supported and in the process of healing.


Many cancer patients work with their health navigator to understand the power of relaxation, meditation and even yoga. All of these simple, yet important, parts of your day can reduce pain and sicknesses.


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