“After the workshop I realized I had a choice. I didn’t have to sit on the couch and just watch TV afterschool. I decided to start taking my dog for a walk. It feels great to get outside!” – Mark, age 10

“I’ve seen a real change in my students just from the one workshop we were offered.” – Mrs. Wallingford, third grade teacher

“After experiencing the 40 minute workshop last spring, I invited Kirsten back to my class this fall. She provided a 30 minute workshop every Friday for six weeks. It has been nice to have new tools and ideas, and for my students to interact with healthy concepts every day.” – Mrs. Neal, third grade teacher

“My preschool students really enjoy the Banana Race™, Rainbow Food Choices™ and Paper People™ exercises. Kirsten has a way of connecting with children on their level and allowing them to feel good about the choices they get to make. I highly recommend Healthy and Fun Choices® for your preschool.” – Iwona Erbe, Director of IQPreschool

“I had an ‘aha’ moment when we did the Paper People™ exercise. I realized I have a choice in how I want to feel and how I want to help others feel. My parents and teachers have noticed my change too.” – Ian, age 8

“I like the challenge that Kirsten gave our class. When we are at home playing video games on the computer, we can do jumping jacks as our reward for each level earned. That makes my day fun!” – Kaitlin, age 7

“I notice that now I look for what colors I am eating and that makes it fun to be healthy.” – Molly, age 5

When I learned about our healthy choices, I made a decision that day to stop having soda and choose water instead. I got my parents to change too. In three months, I’ve noticed a real change and I feel better about myself.” -Boy Age 9, Boys & Girls Club of Salem Participant

“The Healthy & Fun Choices!™ camp was excellent for my children.  Now they are more conscious of making choices that benefit themselves, others and the world around them.“ –Serina, mother of two campers at IQPreschool

The benefit of having Kirsten present the workshops during our PE Classes is that we were able to reach 730 kids in three days. Additionally, the Healthy & Fun Choices! activity book was given to each child and used in the classroom setting for writing and reading discussions. Then, the conversations continue when the children share their book at home. It’s nice to be part of positive change!” –Mr. Trey Mott, PE teacher

“After I was in the workshop, I decided to change my attitude. I’ve started walking with my dad after school and choose apples for snack. It’s a great change that makes me feel healthy.” –Boy, age 7

In our preschool, we often refer to how we are like the concepts called Paper People™ and the Amazing Banana Race™.  Kirsten’s lessons are interactive and engaging and students use their five senses. All of this allows the concepts to really stick in the minds of my students.” –Iwona Erbe, Director of IQPreschool

“I don’t have to have candy every day. Even if my Mimi offers me hot chocolate, I can ask for water.” – Dane, age 4

“We like how the activity books give a personal feel to both parent and child, by addressing real life situations. Activity books by Kirsten Klug allow children to interact with their parent, use their imagination, and inspire creativity all at the same time!” –Michael Faris, Learning Palace

“I hear from our patients, as well as their parents about how much they love interacting with the activity books! It’s nice to be able to give something out to new patients that really communicates the value of health.” –Dr. David Doyle, Sunnyside Dentistry for Children

“My preschoolers love using the activity books in school. Plus, there are a lot of great ideas that parents can put into use at home!” -Iwona Erbe, IQPreschool

“I love exploring all the fun things to do in the books and taking them with me everywhere I go!” -Molly

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