Our research is providing evidence that there is a need for Healthy and Fun Choices® curriculum, lessons, tools and events and most importantly, the multi-sensory lessons are positively impacting youth.

We offered pre- and post-assessments for 650 students in 13 schools and this is what we found:
• 98% changed their understanding of what it means to be healthy after the workshop
• 76% increased their physical activity
• 50% decreased their hours of screen time
• 72% increased the variety of colorful foods they consume
• Teachers have wanted repeat workshops and lesson plans
• Teachers are reporting positive changes in student behaviors and school work
• Parents have noticed positive changes in conversations and healthy choices
• Community-based organizations are wanting to be involved

Our overall hope is to reduce obesity mindset and have an impact on these current challenges:
• Drop outs and poor attendance is at an all time high
• Health costs are at an all time high
• Class sizes in public schools are large
• Teachers and parents feel overwhelmed and taxed


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