Our Founder


Kirsten Klug, Founder and Executive Director of Bamboo River® Foundation, has over twenty years of significant business, health education and communication industry experience.

Kirsten’s passion lies in the art of study of communication and choices. For twenty years she has been dedicated to helping build programs, inspire healthy living and create positive change.

In 1994, she started a graphic design firm, ID Graphics, with her husband, Fer Klug. As their clients needs grew, they became known as a full-service creative agency. Their agency was ranked in the top 20 agencies in Oregon by Media Inc. for fifteen years.

After having children of her own and serving many clients in the healthcare and dental fields, she saw a need for developing educational activity work books and programs for kids. She wanted her children to lead with healthy choices from an early age, and soon she found out others did too. That’s when the Healthy and Fun Choices® brand was born in 2009.

She has authored ten activity work books for children and written two books. More than 25,000 books have been distributed and she has reached over 6,000 students in workshops throughout Oregon in Portland Public Schools, North Clackamas School District, Gladstone School District, preschools and various non-profit organizations.

Now Kirsten is consulting with healthcare organizations, HR departments and businesses that want to gain the advantage of effective communication and integrating multi-sensory experiences with their employees, students, patients or customers.

“The Healthy and Fun Choices® book is really helpful for my patients because I can give it to them to read beyond their visit to my dental practice. I believe it is a great way to build a healthier community. I fully support Kirsten’s mission and am proud to share the books with my patients.” –Dr. Doyle

“The book is not a traditional activity book. It has ideas that you can put to use in your home—my family loves how it encourages conversations and actions around our choices.” –Iwona Erbe, Founder of IQPreschool

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